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(Below is a letter from Coach Troy and my reply)

Hi SoccerHelp:

Regarding your advice about the dangers of moving players to different positions.

It's good advice.

Did I follow it?


That's why one of the goals was scored against us in our last game (we won 5-2). I let my center midfielder play Stopper and but she continued to play center mid instead of Stopper.

Going forward, my best defensive players, who are also good on offense, and my Goalies are the only ones who are going to play two positions.

I moved one of the girls nicknamed Fast Cat who had been playing defense for the first three quarters to LMF. I knew she was fast but I was expecting to play a more defensive strategy against a pretty talented opponent.

My Goalie, who had been practicing punting a football with her brothers over the summer, kicked the ball in the air 30 yards and it rolled for another 20 (on an 80 yard field). Fast Cat got the ball and out ran everybody to the goal. This was not planned.

She kicked the ball with control far enough ahead of the defenders so that she could outrun them and score. The beauty was that she was able to finish.

Fast Cat did it again about two minutes later.

Fast Cat had gotten a goal against the team we beat last week 9-0. I had written that goal off as one against a team that was not that good.

I always knew she was fast but she had always hesitant on the field. Apparently, that one goal last week sparked a lot of confidence. It's a great feeling as a coach when you see light turn on in a player which allows them to shine.

Troy, U10 Rec, Premium Member


Hi Troy,

That was a great result. Thanks for sharing it.

It is amazing how quickly a good opponent can score if given a chance.

I'm impressed with your coaching adjustments, that is the key to success against good teams and on days when your team isn't playing well.

Your Fast Cat is a great weapon when combined with a Keeper who can punt 30 yards. Opponents will have to stay back and not Push Up on you or they will get burned. I think she will score a lot of goals. It gives you the opportunity for a fast counterattack.

What she did is not easy. Staying in position for a long punt or a long clearing kick, positioning herself to beat the defender, breaking on the ball as soon as she can judge where it will land, beating opponents to the ball, kicking it out in front so she can run fast but not kicking it so far that the opposing Goalie can pick it up, and shooting on the run with control and at the right time. It is very hard for young players to learn to do all those things. It sounds like she has natural ability and instincts. She will get better and better... You are exactly right - it is like a "light bulb" turning on and she "gets it" and likes it. She will be a star and will be recruited by travel teams. Perhaps your other forwards can learn by watching her.

How do you keep a player like her from getting the big head and make it clear that goals are scored as a result of a team effort?




To answer your question, I do that with soccer patches. I don't give patches to players for scoring a goal. However, a scorer will get a patch for being in the right place or will get a patch for great ball handling skills or extra effort. I will also do that for girls who do not score.

The whole team gets rewarded for helping with a goal. I try to single out all of the girls who help make that goal starting with the defense where it all began.

I thought about doing a goal cheer, but I don't want the players on the other team to think we are show boating. After 4 or 5 goals are scored it's not fun for other team to hear our cheer - it looks like we are rubbing it in.

Troy, U10 Rec, Premium Member