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World Cup Games we recommend between the 16th and 23rd:

Friday the 16th, Netherlands (Holland/Dutch) v Cote d�ivoire (Ivory Coast). The Netherlands will be favored, but I wouldn�t be shocked if the Ivory Coast won. Ivory Coast is very good and, except for Robben, Holland looked a little flat in their first game, winning 1-0 on a breakaway, and reportedly there is dissension among some of the Dutch players. A lot of the Dutch fans are upset that some of the established stars such as Edgar Davids and Clarence Seedorf didn�t make the team, and it seemed to me that they could have used more strength in the midfield.

Saturday the 17th, Italy v USA. It would be a huge upset if the USA won.

Sunday the 18th, Brazil v Australia. Brazil is always fun to watch and Australia beat Japan 3-0.

Monday the 19th. I haven't seen any of these teams play yet, but I will watch Spain v Tunisia because I know Spain is good, and Tunisia is a good team.

Tuesday the 20th, Sweden v England and Ecuador v Germany. Sweden tied their first match and England won but was flat. This should be a hard-played game since Sweden will be playing for their life. Ecuador upseet Poland 2-0, which would indicate they're pretty good, so it will be interesting when they play Germany.

Wednesday the 21st has two must-watch games among teams expected to place 1st and 2nd in their groups: Portugal v Mexico and Netherlands v Argentina. The Mexicans play hard but Portugal looks great and this will be Figo�s last World Cup, and he is one of the world�s best players. The Netherlands v Argentina should be a great match. Netherlands will have to play better as a team if they hope to win. Who wins is very important because the 1st place team will play a 2nd place team in the Round of 16.

Thurs the 22nd, Czech Republic v Italy and Croatia v Australia. CR v Italy will be big since it will determine who gets first place. I would suspect the CR will be feeling disrespected and will be very fired up. Croatia v Australia will be for who gets 2nd place in Group F behind Brazil.

Friday the 23rd, Switzerland v Korea. These are 2 good teams and they are playing for 2nd place and to go to the Round of 16, so they will both be fired up.

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