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2006 World Cup Observations and Predictions as of June 25


Mexico v Argentina Comments: What a great game!!! I�ll really miss Mexico. They played great, better than I remember them playing in the past 2 World Cups. And the Mexican fans are great.

Congratulations to Australia: Go to to read Martin Tyler who says: "Australia can get to the semi-finals." He might be right.

Portugal v Netherlands Comments: A fantastic game. Perhaps the most exciting of the World Cup. An intense nail-biter from start to finish. Very physical. A lot of cards were given, and more could have been given.

David's Favorite Players Thus Far: Ronaldinho, the Brazilian midfielder, because he�s such a great playmaker and so likable. Riquelme, the great Argentine midfielder and playmaker. Vigo of Portugal and Klose, the German striker. I also like the Portuguese defender Miguel who plays right Fullback.

Disappointments: France, Italy and England, who lack inspiration.

Best on Free Kicks and Corners: I just watched David Beckham save England against Ecuador by making a brilliant free kick. I haven't seen anyone who does free kicks and corners better.

Teach Your Players To Be Like The Brazilians When They Score: Most players run around saying �Look at me� when they score, even if they were fed a perfect ball. When the Brazilians score, they go to their teammates, I assume to thank them and to allow everyone to share the moment. I like the Brazilian�s approach much better. If you coach, teach your players that the first thing they should do if they score is to seek out the teammate who made the assist and thank him or her with a high 5 that everyone can see, then go to their teammates and thank them all.

Best Team That Didn't Make The Round of 16: : I think the Ivory Coast was the best team to not make the Round of 16. They lost to Argentina and Netherlands 2:1 and then beat Serbia Montenegro 3:2.

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