SoccerHelp is honored to announce our online publication of Phil Wymer�s �Advanced Soccer Tactics� � it is truly brilliant, the definitive master-work on Soccer Tactics. We offer this as a premium feature for serious and advanced coaches.

About 40 pages and the Table of Contents can be previewed free from the links below and over 500 pages are available by subscription. Phil plans to continue to add to the material, and it is much easier to navigate than a printed book. There is a 30-Day �No Questions Asked� Money Back Guarantee.

Improving your tactics is the quickest way to improve your team�s play. Every serious coach can benefit from Advanced Soccer Tactics.

Advanced Soccer Tactics is the best Soccer Tactics information we�ve ever seen, and is based on the best soccer coaching book we�ve ever seen, and we�ve read over 100 soccer coaching books. The tactics and drills in Advanced Soccer Tactics relate to 11 v 11 soccer. However, as part of the subscription, there is also an extensive section that looks in detail at Tactics in Small Sided Games (5, 6, 7 a side).

It is based on 10 years of research by Phil, who is a coach and college coaching teacher in England. It is brilliant, clear and well organized. Phil has a genius for simplifying the complexities of soccer tactics. You will be able to learn quickly and navigation is easy, as is searching for topics. Phil has worked with the English Football Association (FA) to provide soccer tactics courses in the UK and with partners in the US and Australia. The book on which Advanced Soccer Tactics is based has been bought by coaches in over 30 countries.

The subscription is $29.95 for a year and renewals are only $19.95. The subscription includes over 500 pages of what we believe are the best soccer tactics ever published. There is a 30-Day �No Questions Asked� Money Back Guarantee.