We Are Seeking a Compatible Sponsor/Advertiser for SoccerHelp

SoccerHelp is By Far the Most Visited Youth Soccer Coaching Site in the U.S.
1 Million Visitors, 4 Million Page Views and 12 Million Hits Last Year
Our Visitors are Mostly Coaches with Kids
We Offer Inexpensive, Repetitive Exposure to Over 1,000,000 Visitors
Use a Free Premium Subscription to Drive Measurable Traffic to Your Website or Email List

(Agents: We are willing to pay an agent's fee.)

Why Soccer Coaches are Worth Targeting --

  1. Kids can now join a soccer team at age 4 and there are more U.S. youth soccer coaches than baseball, basketball and football coaches combined.
  2. The average soccer coach is in his or her 30's or 40's and middle income or upper middle income.
  3. The average soccer coach has kids, a family and a team.
  4. The average soccer coach influences the buying decisions of 12 kids (a team and his or her kids) and a spouse.
  5. Kids now start soccer at age 4, earlier than baseball, basketball or football. SoccerHelp is at the forefront of the best ways to coach kids who are ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Our approach uses copyrighted Practice Games that are much more fun and much more effective than drills. If you read the SoccerHelp Premium Testimonials and Coach Doug Testimonials you will see why.
  6. Most soccer coaches and their families are involved with athletics and fitness.

What We Seek --

We seek a relevant, compatible sponsor or an advertiser, and can offer the benefits listed below. If you know of a possibility, please have them contact us. If you work for a company who might be a prospective sponsor, please let us know who to contact there - We wouldn't consider gambling or non-compatible companies. If your company is a prospective sponsor, contact David and he will set up a free Premium subscription that you can check out and share with co-workers. Contact David at SoccerHelp

We seek a company that we can enthusiastically endorse and promote to our visitors. We will honestly try to help you get more business.

Why SoccerHelp --

SoccerHelp.com is by far the most visited youth soccer coaching website in the U.S. and had 1.2 million visitors, 4 million page views and 12 million hits last year. These numbers do not include the hits on SoccerHelp Premium, which are substantial. Our traffic is measured onsite by Google Analytics and through the server by Webalizer Version 2.21. If you check Quantcast, realize that they ONLY measure our Home Page traffic, so those numbers are about 40% of the total traffic. SoccerHelp has been the most visited youth soccer coaching website in the U.S. for at least 5 years. Coaches stay on the site and return to SoccerHelp because it has the best information and a unique training program - that is why there are over 700 Testimonials. There are over 500 pages of original content on SoccerHelp and 1,500 pages on SoccerHelp Premium. Our YouTube Channel (SoccerHelpVideo) has had over 500,000 views.

We offer inexpensive, repetitive exposure to over 250,000 unique coaches and thru those coaches you can reach their families and the young athletes they coach. Most of our coaches are Recreational coaches - they are volunteers, not professional coaches, and many are coaching for the first time and don't have product or store preferences. This is very targeted marketing to an ideal demographic - young families who are athletic, participate in sports and buy athletic products and clothing. They buy much more than soccer products. Many of these families have not developed brand loyalty. We offer the opportunity for positive exposure and you can give them a subscription to SoccerHelp Premium that has a $40 value per person (we have sold over 15,000 of those subscriptions and it has real value, which is why there are 700 Testimonials). You can use the Free Subscription Offer to either get the coaches to visit your website where they would sign up, or to opt-in to your email list. We think it is possible that 50,000 to 150,000 coaches would sign up or share the subscription with friends. You can choose the username and password and every time they log in, they would enter your company name.

There are over 700 Testimonials on SoccerHelp. You can see them at Testimonials for SoccerHelp Premium. We don't know of any other youth coaching website with that number of testimonials, or even close. Read some of the testimonials and you will see that our visitors are very grateful for SoccerHelp.

Unlike most soccer coaching sites, 99% of the content on SoccerHelp is unique and the small amount of material from other sources is used with approval. That is one explanation for our top Google rankings.

What We Offer --

  1. Obviously, lots of exposure. We believe we have over twice the traffic of any other youth soccer coaching website. The reason isn't because we do the most search advertising (although we do advertise on Google, Bing and Facebook). The reason is because our soccer training program is different and better. We believe we have more relevant and unique information than any other similar website. Our training program is based on copyrighted Practice Games instead of line drills. That is why there are so many Testimonials.
  2. A prominent banner near the top of the Home Page (on the first screen, just below our Header, above the yellow bar - where the link is that you clicked to come to this page)
  3. A page on SoccerHelp to promote your products. This page can be as long as you want, have as many products as you want, have links to your site, and if you want your staff to maintain it, that is fine with us. Your banner on the SoccerHelp Home page can be a link to this page.
  4. We can set up a free subscription to SoccerHelp Premium that you can offer to coaches AND you can use your company name for the username and password. For Example: academysports or nike or puma or adidas or gatorade or underarmour for both the username and password. The obvious advantage would be that a coach would type your company name every time they log in. It would be continual exposure of the company name in a positive way. Our Sponsor could offer the free subscription to soccer leagues or in promotions (For example, if someone requests a free subscription from your website OR from your Products Promotion Page on SoccerHelp, you could send them an automatic email with the Username and Password. That email could offer them a coupon if they "Opt-In" to your email list. We can help you set this up if you need help). Coaches would tell their friends and share the username and password so you would get word-of-mouth promotion. There are over 1,500 pages of information on SoccerHelp Premium and there are also coaching videos. We have sold over 15,000 subscriptions to SoccerHelp Premium and a one year subscription is $40. The subscription to SoccerHelp Premium would give our Sponsor something of proven value that our Sponsor can give to soccer coaches. We have never had an advertiser on SoccerHelp because we have never actively sought one. Read our Testimonials and you will quickly see that SoccerHelp really works AND that we promote the type of values that your company will appreciate. Testimonials for SoccerHelp Premium
  5. Use the Free SoccerHelp Premium Subscription to Get Coaches to Visit Your Website or Opt-In to Your Email Contact List or Newsletter. The free Premium subscription that we would set up for you has a retail value of $40 per person (we have sold over 15,000 subscriptions). You can offer it free to coaches who visit your website or who opt-in to your newsletter or email contact list. We get traffic from over 150 countries, so, if you want, you can reach coaches around the world. It is very possible that 50,000 to 150,000 coaches would use your free subscription.
  6. No other Sponsors or Advertisers. We have never had an advertiser on SoccerHelp and prefer to have only one sponsor or advertiser.
  7. Exposure to Many Coaches Who Are Just Getting Started and Haven't Selected a Favorite Store or Brand. Our target market is youth coaches. They are mostly soccer coaches, but we get traffic from coaches of all sports and schools. We have 600 other sports websites and a large presence on the internet for sports and also for motivation. For example, if you Google the search term Motivational Coaching Quotes, we are probably in the top 3. Many of the soccer coaches who visit SoccerHelp are new coaches who haven't selected a favorite store or brand (soccer starts at age 4 - much earlier than most other sports). The coaches are obviously influential with the players on their team.
  8. We Don't Compete With You and Don't Plan To. We like what we do and don't have plans to change.
  9. Other Ways We Can Help You with Inexpensive, Effective, Targeted Promotions. We are open to other ideas and can suggest some.
  10. We Are Willing to Revise the Appearance of the SoccerHelp Home Page. The SoccerHelp Home Page has a similar look to the way it looked in 2001 when it first came online. We have focused on content and a better way to train young soccer players and that is why SoccerHelp is the most visited soccer coaching site in the U.S. However, we are willing to update the appearance of the home page if our sponsor desires that.
  11. Your Experts Can Publish Articles on SoccerHelp and in the SoccerHelp Newsletter. If you want, you soccer experts can publish articles or tips on SoccerHelp. You can either publish them on your promotional pages (you can have your own promotional pages) or we can publish them as articles on SoccerHelp and/or in the SoccerHelp newsletter. The advantage that would provide is that the articles will be read on SoccerHelp.
  12. Targeting Other Languages. If you want, and if you cover our costs, we can create versions of SoccerHelp in other languages. We get traffic from 150 countries, but the great majority of our traffic is from the U.S., with Canada and Australia a distant second. We can help you target soccer coaches in any country in the world.
  13. Pricing. Contact us to discuss pricing. It is very reasonable given what we offer. The price is less if you don't want to offer the free subscription to SoccerHelp Premium.

If you have any interest in this or can give us the name and number of someone to contact, we would love to hear from you. Contact David at SoccerHelp or dhuddleston at comcast.net or 310-2547, area code 615.