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Savannah Celtic FC - Savannah Celtic FC offers a wide variety of soccer programs to Savannah. The soccer programs range from toddlers, to high school students, even to adults wishing to play. If you are in Savannah and have an interest in anything soccer, Savannah Celtic is the place to be.

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Back of the Net Soccer Academy has been blessed with the gift and talent to teach players, coaches, and organizations "The Beautiful Game." We take this responsibility seriously while having FUN doing it. Founded by Scott Haywood, whose playing and coaching career spans more than 35 years and includes a USSF "A" license as well as an NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, a Brazilian Coaching License and an FA International License, Back of the Net Soccer Academy provides team trainings, camps, clinics, personal training, and coaching clinics/consultations for teams and individuals from 5 years old to college Division 1. Visit for more information.

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Children's Football Training - Soccerkidz offer football training, coaching and football parties for children in London. Logo

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