A Free Sample and a Sale on Soccer Coaching DVDs

SoccerHelp.com will sell over 1 million one-inch iron-on motivational patches this year. These are NOT custom patches. They are off-the-shelf, inexpensive and are used by coaches all over the U.S. to motivate players of all ages and all skill levels. The Testimonials below are from coaches who used the patches. The patches are bought by many soccer coaches, clubs, leagues, academies and schools.

They are also having a Close-Out Sale on Soccer Coaching DVDs.

SoccerHelp is offering to send 3 free patches to coaches in the U.S. who contact them through SoccerHelp.com and request a sample of the patches. This offer is good through January 2011. You can see the patches and contact SoccerHelp by clicking this link See SoccerHelp Patches or Contact SoccerHelp. The patch prices range from 50 cents to 25 cents each and they are in stock and can ship the next business day. The patches can be ironed on or collected.

You can see the soccer coaching DVDs that are on sale at Close-Out Sale on Soccer Coaching DVDs, as Low as $14.95

Below are a few Testimonials from the 200 Testimonials on the SoccerHelp.com website.

"My boy's U-11 select team is having their best season so far and I believe it is due to the patches. They've scored 10 goals in the last two games. The patches have turned my girl's U-9 select team around too. They only scored 3 goals last season but this season have scored 20." Dave, NJ, U11 Boy's Select and U9 Girl's Select Soccer

"These patches have helped motivate the middle school team for juggling competitions. They place them on their team bags and compete with each other." Coach Brooks, OH

"The patches are the absolute best motivational tool I have found in seven years of coaching three daughters." Chad, CA

"My players love the patches and if I don't give them out after a game, they yell at me for them." Jim, High School Soccer Coach, FL (SoccerHelp can set up Billing Accounts for Schools)

"My 12 year olds love the patches! They have team sweatshirts that they iron them on to. I handed them out at practice and after the games and they all remembered what patch they were to get - and knew what patches their teammates were getting too." Phillip, WA

"Using the incentive patches my boys U8 team just finished the season 8-0-0. This is the same team that last Fall was winless and only scored one goal." Dan, GA