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Coaching Set Plays 2-DVD Set Review

5+ Stars, Our Highest Recommendation
Best DVD For Coaching "Set Plays"
A Truly Exceptional Value
For All Coaches of Players Ages 9 and Older
Every Coach Should Own This

"Coaching Set Plays"
2 DVD Set (DVD Only)
By Tony Waiters
51:45 Minutes on DVD 1 and 87:45 Minutes on DVD 2
(139:30 Minutes Total)

This will play in any DVD player worldwide.

How We Rate Videos and Books: We have watched over 220 soccer coaching videos (DVD's and tapes) and read over 70 soccer coaching books. Unfortunately, most are not good, many are a complete waste of time and money, and some are actually counterproductive. We only sell videos and books that we truly believe are the best and worth buying, and that we can give 4 or 5 star ratings (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best). Our ratings consider the quality, length and value of an item, how it compares to other similar DVD's, and how well it meets the needs of the targeted audience. We reject about 90% of the videos we watch.

Category: Attacking and Defending on "Set Plays", which include throw-ins, kick offs, goal kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks and free kicks. Up to 40% of all goals are scored from "Set Plays". These DVD's also discuss the "Thirds of the Field" and coaching tactics and strategy. Every serious coach should also own "Systems Of Play", another brilliant DVD by Tony Waiters.

Combo Deal: We offer this DVD set as part of several Combo deals at special prices.

Suitable For: These videos are suitable for any serious U-10 to Adult team Coach. They will be most useful to intermediate or Advanced coaches of teams U-12 and older, but, are excellent for anyone who wants to understand how to attack or defend on Set Plays (throw-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks, kick-offs, etc.). Up to 40% of all goals are scored from "Set Plays". Every serious coach should own these, and every competitive and school coach should own them. You could go to a dozen classes and not learn as much as you will from these 2 DVD's.

Overview: A 2-DVD Set that shows how to coach "Set Plays". Set plays are plays such as throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks, free kicks and kick offs. Up to 40% of all goals are scored from Set Plays. Set Plays are also called "Starts", "Dead Ball Plays" and "Re-Starts". This 2-DVD set is a fantastic value. We believe these are the best tactical soccer coaching videos ever produced. They are excellent in every respect. Every serious coach of U-10 and older should own these. They are a fantastic value at this price.

Review: We believe these are the best tactical soccer coaching videos ever produced, and we've watched over 200 videos. They set the standard against which others will be judged. A brilliant, interesting blend of technical knowledge combined with savvy advice, tips and tactics from one of the world's greatest soccer teachers. A well organized, great production that blends excellent video from professional matches with computer graphics and clear, concise narration, and moves along at a fast pace. Both basic and advanced material is presented. We can't say enough good things about these DVD's and can't think of any ways in which they could have been done better. This is the only 2 DVD set (139 minutes) set that we have ever viewed that held our attention from start to finish. DVD 1 alone is worth the price of the set and will make you more knowledgeable then 95% of all youth or high school coaches about attacking and defending corner kicks and penalty kicks. This approach of combining video, graphics and narration is a much more effective instructional method than could ever be done in a coaching clinic. A real bargain at this price. This could have easily been stretched into a 4 DVD set. This video complements the SoccerHelp Practice Games and is consistent with the Soccerhelp Program.

Tony Waiters: Tony Waiters is one of the best, most knowledgeable and most successful coaches in the world. In addition, I've talked to him and he's a nice, modest guy. Tony played professionally for 10 years in the top division of the English League and with the England National Team. He was a Manager/Coach of the Liverpool FC Youth Development Program, Manager/Coach of the England Professional Youth Team, in 1978 he was Coach-of-the-Year in the North American Soccer League, and he coached the Canadian World Cup and Olympic Teams in 1982-86, including the Canadian men's team that went to the World Cup in 1986. We also believe Tony is one of the best soccer coaching teachers in the world and these videos are among the best ever made.

User Tips: The DVD's are easy to navigate. Each has a Menu and 6 Chapter selections. On DVD 1: The 12 Principles, Penalty Shots, Attacking Corners, Defending Corners, Coaching Methodology and Final Shot. On DVD 2: Review of the 12 Principles, Kickoffs, Attacking Free Kicks, Defending Free Kicks, Attacking Throw-Ins and Defending Throw-Ins.

Overview of Contents:

  • DVD 1: 12 Principles for Set Play Success, The Thirds of the Field, Penalty Kicks and Corner Kicks
  • DVD 2: Kickoffs, Free Kicks, Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks

Detailed Contents and Index of DVD 1 (Thirds of the Field, Penalty Kicks and Corner Kicks:

Minute Topic
00:00 Introduction
1:12 What are Set Plays?
2:34 12 Principles for Set Play Success (this is excellent)
7:43 The "Thirds" of the field (this is excellent)
8:52 Graphics Legend:
  1. Red Players are attacking
  2. Blue Players are defending
  3. Path of player is a yellow arrow
  4. Path of ball is a green arrow
9:55 Penalty kick considerations, examples, tips and tactics
13:15 Following penalty kicks
14:20 Attacking corner kicks
  1. inswingers
  2. outswingers
  3. short corners (great ideas)
  4. tips, tactics, positioning
  5. the "Red Zone" (Zona Rosa)
  6. the "Black Hole" concept (this is where most goals are scored on corners)
34:05 Defending Corner Kicks (Great Stuff!!)
  1. Man Marking System
  2. Zone System
  3. Combination of man and zone
  4. In swingers
  5. Out swingers
44:50 Coaching Methodology (training ideas)
  1. Coaching (training ideas for penalty kicks)
  2. The importance of replicating match conditions and pressure
  3. Practice games to practice set plays
48:58 Perfectly executed set plays (analysis, video examples and diagrams)
51:45 End (We don't recommend the book, and it isn't nearly as useful as the DVD's, but if you want it, you can buy it at Soccer Learning Systems, whose web address is on the DVD case).

Detailed Contents and Index of DVD 2 (Kickoffs, Free Kicks, Throw-Ins and Goal Kicks)

Minute Topic
00:00 Introduction
00:48 12 Principles of Set Play Success
3:18 7 types of Set Plays
4:05 Kick Offs (some excellent ideas that will work for youth teams)
5:40 Attacking "Free Kicks" (most of this is for advanced teams, but it is great stuff). See the attacking scheme at minutes 19:00, it is a clever, simple idea. Many great ideas here for travel teams, and high school teams. Also, see the play at 22:40, a simple, but effective way to get around a wall. Set plays, distractions, screens and moves.
29:20 Defending "Free Kicks"
  • Links of defense
  • Priorites for defenders
  • Great tips and tactics
  • Check the set play at minute44:10
  • How many players are needed in the "Wall"?
  • Using a wall aligner (Who lines up the "Wall"? 46:45)
  • Arranging the Wall
  • Where should the tallest players play in the "Wall"? (48:00)
  • Selecting the "Bullet Man" (minute 48:20)
  • Tips and tactics for Wall players (such as slant the head forward, etc. minute 50:07)
  • 9 questions the coach must answer when defending a "Free Kick" close to the Penalty Area (minute 51:55)
  • Great video examples of good and bad defense of Free Kicks
  • Indirect Free Kicks in the penalty area (minute 54:15)
56:45 Attacking Throw-Ins
  • In "Defensive Third"
  • In "Middle Third"
  • In "Attacking Third"
  • Second receiver tactics (good idea!), minute 61:30
  • Down the line throws
  • Pass back to thrower
  • Tips and tactics (many good ideas)
69:44 Defending Throw-Ins
  • Middle and attacking third
  • Long throw ins
74:05 Attacking Goal Kicks
  • Who should take the kick?
  • Short goal kick vs. long goal kicks
76:28 Defending Goal Kicks
77:57 Coaching Methodology
  • Practice ideas and games
  • Coaching tips
85:31 Wrap-up (great analysis of a Free Kick by Brazil)

End (We don't recommend the book, and it isn't nearly as useful as the DVD's, but if you want it, you can buy it at Soccer Learning Systems, whose web address is on the DVD case)


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