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How To Coach Very Young Soccer Players DVD

4 Stars, Recommended
For All Coaches Of Players Ages 5-8

Alan Meeder and Kristy Walker
87 Minutes
DVD Only

This will play in any DVD player worldwide.

How We Rate Videos and Books: We have watched over 220 soccer coaching videos (DVD's and tapes) and read over 70 soccer coaching books. Unfortunately, most are not good, many are a complete waste of time and money, and some are actually counterproductive. We only sell videos and books that we truly believe are the best and worth buying, and that we can give 4 or 5 star ratings (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best). Our ratings consider the quality, length and value of an item, how it compares to other similar DVD's, and how well it meets the needs of the targeted audience. We reject about 90% of the videos we watch.

Category: How to coach soccer players ages 5-8.

Quick Review: This is a good DVD but the Coach Doug DVD is much better. The approach shown on this DVD is better than the approach used by most coaches, but there is too much standing around. This was the best DVD available for this age group until the Coach Doug DVD came out. However, if you want to see the difference in the 2 methods of coaching, watch them both and you will clearly see the difference. If you have bought this DVD, it wasn't a waste because you will clearly be able to see the differences and can choose the methods you think are best.

Alan Meeder and Kristy Walker: Alan Meeder is one of the top coaching instructors in the U.S. and Kristy Walker was a 2-time college All American and was a college soccer coach at the time of filming. They are both great with children and you can learn a lot from watching them coach in this video. Alan was Collegiate Coach of the Year, has certified over 3,000 youth soccer coaches and is the Director of The Soccer Academy in California.

Suitable for: All U-6 and U-8 Coaches, both inexperienced and experienced.

User Tips: When you first start the DVD, after about 15 seconds the Main Menu comes up:


  1. "Play Program" is the main program, which is 62 minutes.


  2. "Chapter Selection" is an index of sections of the Program, including the "Tricks of the Trade". We suggest you start here first.


  3. Bonus Material is 22 minutes of "Backyard Games" and a preview of the 2 "Soccer Games" videos, which is 5 minutes. Bonus Material is also indexed. Bonus Material is only on the DVD.



  1. "Play Program" (this is the main program and runs 62 minutes)
    Minute Topic
    00:00 Introduction and objectives
    1:50 Kicking the ball (A great teaching technique is demonstrated for teaching the "instep kick", which is also called the "laces kick", using the "pointer" and the "kicker". Progresses to the use of practice games)
    15:20 Passing (Simply great teaching technique. Inside-of-foot passing and receiving. An excellent demonstration of explaining why to use the inside-of-the-foot to pass the ball. Demonstrates 3 games, including one like SoccerHelp's "Passing Pairs" and even U-6 do it well. Clever use of terms like "pointer", "South Pole" and North Pole").
    32:30 Ball Control (Receiving with feet and body. Excellent!)
    44:10 Dribbling (3 dribbling games)
    58:40 Rules (A great demonstration of how to teach basic rules)
    60:10 Positions (A description of the basic positions and practice tips)


  2. "Tricks of the Trade" tips are scattered thru the DVD, but are searchable from the index. Topics such as "attention spans", "organizing practice", "injuries and crying" and "measuring success".


  3. 1st Bonus Material, "Backyard Games"
    Minute Topic
    00:00 1 vs. 1 games (3 different games)
    4:45 Basic Rules (great teaching technique)
    5:30 Turns (using the inside, outside and sole of the foot to turn the ball while dribbling)
    8:00 Throw-ins (a great teaching technique is demonstrated)
    12:50 "Ball and Wall" game (Practicing the "instep drive")
    14:30 "Garbage Can Shooting Game" (Shooting with "laces")
    16:30 "Soccer Golf" game
    19:00 One bounce juggling (save this for U-10)
    22:30 End


  4. 2nd Bonus Material, 2 Soccer Games Two games from the "Soccer Games" videos, one for ages 5-9 and one for ages 10 and older (these videos are okay, but we don't think they're as good as the SoccerHelp Practice Games or as the "Championship Soccer Drills" video)
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