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Just Kickin It DVD Reviews

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5 Stars, Our Highest Recommendation
Best Video/DVD For Teaching Passing & Shooting
Coaches & Players Ages 7 and Older
An Exceptional Value

"Just Kickin' It"
Dan Metcalfe of Super Soccer Skills
35 Minutes
Tape or DVD

This will play in any DVD player worldwide.

How We Rate Videos and Books: We have watched over 220 soccer coaching videos (DVD's and tapes) and read over 70 soccer coaching books. Unfortunately, most are not good, many are a complete waste of time and money, and some are actually counterproductive. We only sell videos and books that we truly believe are the best and worth buying, and that we can give 4 or 5 star ratings (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best). Our ratings consider the quality, length and value of an item, how it compares to other similar DVD's, and how well it meets the needs of the targeted audience. We reject about 90% of the videos we watch.

Category: Soccer skills; passing and shooting the ball.

Why it is important: Passing and shooting a soccer ball are very fundamental soccer skills and should be taught starting at an early age. If players learn incorrect form, it can be very difficult to correct at later ages. Kicking the ball and dribbling are the most important skills.

Summary and who it is suitable for: This is the best video we've seen for teaching how to pass and shoot a soccer ball. It is suitable for coaches and beginning to intermediate players ages 7 and older. The great thing about it is that players, parents and coaches can learn the correct techniques by watching the video (much of the instruction is done in a home, on carpet, so you can watch the video while practicing the basics). It shows outstanding teaching techniques in a clear, step-by-step way that players can use to teach themselves and parents and coaches can use to teach players. The quality of this video makes it an exceptional value. It teaches more on this subject in 35 minutes than any other video we have seen of any length, and we have reviewed over 150 videos.

Review: This video is like having your own personal trainer or coach. It is for anyone who wants to learn how to properly pass or shoot a soccer ball. Players, coaches and parents can learn the correct techniques for shooting and passing by watching the video. It is the best we've seen for teaching these skills. It shows close ups of young players learning the skills as the coach instructs them. Excellent use of video and graphics. Clear demonstrations of how to teach the skills. Much of the instruction is done in a home on a carpet so you could watch the video while learning the basics, but actual kicking of the ball is done outdoors. Excellent in every respect. Dan Metcalfe is an outstanding instructor and the quality of this video makes it an exceptional value. It teaches more on this subject in 35 minutes than any other video we have seen of any length, and we have reviewed over 150 videos.


Minute Topic
(Indoors means the instruction could be taught indoors).
00:00 Pre-introduction (watch this, kids love it)
1:15 Introduction (tips and how to get the most from this video)
2:20 (Indoors). Understanding the ball, how to create topspin, backspin and sidespin; where to contact the ball so it will go into the air or stay on the ground; the sweet spot of the ball and the parts of the foot used to strike the ball.
6:55 (Indoors). Inside of foot push pass. (This is the most important pass because it is used for up to 75% of all passes. Proper technique is critical and if players learn incorrect form it can be very difficult to correct by age 11. Use this in conjunction with the teaching points in SoccerHelp and you will get great results).
8:35 (Indoors). How to teach an advanced push pass.
9:40 (Outdoors). A passing game.
10:30 (Outdoors). How to practice against a wall.
11:55 (Indoors). How to find the "instep" of your foot and proper technique for an "instep kick" (also called a "power kick"). A great teaching method is shown.
14:20 (Indoors and outdoors). How to teach following through to land on the kicking foot.
15:45 (Outdoors). Great practice methods without the ball.
17:10 (Outdoors). Excellent teaching methods for the "instep drive".
18:30 (Outdoors). A step by step explanation and demonstration of proper technique for the instep drive: the approach, foot placement, contact and follow through. Excellent.
23:30 (Outdoors). Shooting exercises.
25:10 (Outdoors). How to swerve and volley the ball.
25:30 (Outdoors and indoors). Volleying (Half-Volley, Full Volley and Side Volley)
29:30 (Outdoors). Chipping the ball (an excellent teaching technique is shown).
30:50 (Outdoors). Chipping exercises.
31:15 (Outdoors). Swerving the ball. (This is also called bending of curving the ball). Excellent demonstration.
33:30 How to videotape yourself practicing and a summary of teaching points.
35:10 End

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