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SoccerHelp Foot Skills and Soccer Moves DVD Reviews

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5+ Stars, Our Highest Recommendation
Best DVD for Foot Skills and Soccer Moves Training
Best Motor Memory Training
Best Aerobic Workout
For Players Age 9 to Adult and Coaches
Practice Soccer Moves at Home in Front of a TV
Money Back Guarantee on This DVD

SoccerHelp Foot Skills and Soccer Moves Training Program
(Motor Memory Training and Aerobic Workout)

Practice at Home in Front of a TV With an Instructor

Basic Moves and Intermediate & Advanced Moves Sections
By Kamal de Gregory
64 Minutes Total
This DVD will play worldwide (Region 0)

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"This is a great training video." Crystal, NJ

Why Buy This DVD? This DVD allows a player to practice soccer moves and foot skills in any weather, day or night, and doesn't require a coach or a partner, so the player doesn't have any excuses for not practicing. The key to learning soccer moves is to practice them repetitively at "game speed" (meaning to do them quickly, not slow). The challenge is how to get players to practice. This DVD is the best approach I know for getting players to practice moves and foot skills, and is much more effective and realistic than trying to get a player to practice moves outside on a hot or cold day. Players are more likely to practice foot skills using this approach and they will get a good workout at the same time. Players can practice in the house in front of the TV and an entire workout can be completed in 10 or 13 minutes (the Basic Workout is 10 minutes and the Intermediate/Advanced Workout is 13 minutes). There is no kicking of the ball and it only requires a small area about 6 feet square. They simply follow along with the instructor. This is a "motor memory" training program where as a result of repetitive practice the body is trained to instinctively perform an activity so the activity is "second-nature". In other words, a player will learn how to perform soccer moves without thinking about them - they will be instinctive. The player response to this DVD has been excellent. NOTE: This DVD is very similar to "Aerobic Soccer Training DVD" which is also by Kamal de Gregory. If you already own the "Aerobic Soccer Training DVD" by Kamal de Gregory you probably don't want to buy this DVD.

Money Back Guarantee on this DVD: We produced this DVD and offer a money back guarantee on it. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with this DVD, return the DVD in good condition within 30 days and we will refund the purchase price. You can keep the patches. We will refund the price you paid, you pay for the return shipping and we don't refund the shipping & handling charge. We don't believe anyone else offers this guarantee on soccer DVDs. If you bought it as part of Combo, we will refund the pro-rata cost this DVD is of the Combo based on the percentage of the retail cost of the DVDs, but not the shipping & handling. (For example, if the Combo was $50 plus $5.95 S & H and consisted of 2 DVDs each with a retail cost of $27.95, we would refund $25).

Similar DVD's We Recommend: We recommend you consider GOL! (Brazilian Soccer Foot Skills and Ball Control Training) DVD, Coerver Play Great Soccer 2-DVD Set, Play Like Champions DVD and Soccer Success One On One Coaching (Basic and Intermediate Skills) DVD. We especially recommend the Combo deal that includes this DVD and the "Gol" DVD.

How We Rate DVDs, Videos and Books: We have watched over 250 soccer coaching videos (DVD's and tapes) and read over 70 soccer coaching books. Unfortunately, most are not good, many are a complete waste of time and money, and some are actually counterproductive. We only sell videos and books that we truly believe are the best and worth buying, and that we can give 4 or 5 star ratings (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best). Our ratings consider the quality, length and value of an item, how it compares to other similar DVD's, and how well it meets the needs of the targeted audience. We reject about 90% of the videos we watch.

Main Topics on This Video: There are 2 main sections: Basic Foot Skills and Moves and Intermediate & Advanced Foot Skills and Moves. Each section includes demonstrations and has a workout where the viewer follows along with the instructor, similar to watching an aerobics video on TV. The foot skills demonstrated are the components of soccer moves. The objective is for a player to become so comfortable performing the moves that the moves become second nature and can be performed in match conditions. The concept is "motor memory training" where as a result of repetitive practice the body is trained to instinctively perform an activity so the activity is "second-nature". In addition, the player will get an excellent aerobic workout and improved hip movement. Believe me, you have to be in good shape to finish either of these workouts.

Review: This DVD allows a player to practice Soccer Moves at home In front of a TV. It is the first DVD to carry the SoccerHelp name and we have been working on it for 2 years. It is for any player age 9 to adult and has both Basic and Intermediate/Advanced sections. It is a unique training approach that demonstrates moves and then trains players so the moves are adopted as second nature. The concept is "motor memory training" whean activity so it is "second-nature". Players learn while doing a workout with the instructor, similar to watching an aerobics video on TV. The Instructor demonstrates the foot skills that make up soccer moves and then the viewer follows along with the instructor in a high-energy workout ... a soccer ball is, of course, required. This only requires a small area (about 2 meters square, or 6 feet square) and there is no kicking of the ball. There are 2 sections: "Basic Moves Training" and "Intermediate & Advanced Moves Training". Both the Basic and Intermediate/Advanced sections include demonstrations of the moves and a high-energy workout where you follow along with the instructor. The workouts are set to music. Your instructor is Kamal de Gregory, an entertaining instructor and talented American soccer player who has played in North America, Central America, South America, the CaribbeanWho This DVD is Suitable For: Players age 9 to Adult and coaches.

About the Instructor and Aerobic Soccer Training ("A.S.T."): Kamal de Gregory grew up playing soccer in Orlando, Florida and competed in every aspect of American soccer from youth clubs to High School, and later at the semi-pro, professional and national team levels. Kamal is an entertaining instructor and very talented player who played in North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Europe. In the midst of all this experience, Kamal developed an individual soccer training program to keep his skills at the top level. This fun, rhythmic, yet sophisticated use of ball control came to be known as A.S.T, "Aerobic Soccer Training".

From the basic understanding of the importance of rhythm, A.S.T. develops the speed and confidence of foot skills by training the body to cooperate with the physical demands to control the ball. The music that accompanies the rhythm of the workout is pulsating and fast. The base rhythm of the aerobic portion of the exercise is set by the constant "bounce" that a player will sustain while working the routines of the program. Of course, players, especially younger ones, can still benefit from the routines while slowly working toward maintaining the proper rhythm.

The program begins with the understanding of rhythm and then begins to build a foundation of basic moves that will later be elaborated on in the more advanced movements. All the moves demand that the player performs distinct, separate touches in execution. This is essentiallateral movements.

Apart from the obvious aerobic benefits, a significant rise in your players' focus, agility and stamina, increasing players' anticipation, reaction, and endurance speeds, will occur as the rhythm of the exercise is more-and-more maintained. Now your players will get to interception, or shot on goal, especially at the end of the game, when others are tired and more fatigued.

Lower-body side-to-side play is what really sets soccer apart from other sports, and A.S.T is a pioneer by the routines of A.S.T will add to your players' mobility by opening your players' hips to the field while also building the light and rapid touches essential for creating and evading opponents off the dribble.

"Sometimes players, when first getting started with A.S.T., don't really understand the concept of the program. Some perceive it as a version of only being tricky, or think that the routines should be carried out as fast as possible. Even though the speed and ball cowith the ball that allows for invention and direction to be easily found. Participants must realize that if they can't sustain the expected bouncing, or over-complicate the speed, throughout the workout, they were missing the point of building an internal rhythm inside them." The simplicity and individual aspect of the program is another added benefit of A.S.T. Your players will now have a vehicle to improve their personal skill level at any time. No practice, no friend, bad weather, no worries. All you need is a ball, some small space, and some will to perfect your individual technique.

Navigation and User Tips: Excellent organization and easy navigationMoves and Foot Skills Sub-Menu", "Intermediate & Advanced Moves and Foot Skills Sub-Menu" and Bonus Features Sub-Menu".

Detailed Index of Contents:

Min> Topic
Opening credits 0:00
0:15 Introduction
1:16 Introduction to Soccer Moves
3:12 Geg and Instep Geg Moves
5:07 4 Stages of Learning
8:24 Basic Moves and Foot Skills Demonstration
17:56 Basic Moves and Foot Skills Workout
27:51 Intermediate & Advanced Moves and Foot Skills Demonstration
38:40 Intermediate & Advanced Moves and Foot Skills Workout
51:31 Goal Setting
52:58 Conclusion of Main Program
54:52 Bonus: Why rhythm is important in soccer moves
59:46 Bonus: Introduction to Johan Cruyff
60:08 Bonus: Importance of basic skills as a foundation for soccer player success
62:25 Bonus: Expanded introduction set to music
64:43 Total Minutes On This DVD


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