Soccerhelp Service Reviews and Testimonials

"I don't know if you will ever have a testimonials page or not but you need one. I am absolutely delighted with the job you have done with our stars. The orders are not just accurate but very fast and you are helpful with suggestions and ideas for the next season. Just a fantastic job. I have to deal with vendors of all sorts during the course of the pre-season and you are, by far, the easiest one to work with. Most vendors get at least some part of the order wrong and promised delivery times--well, let's say that isn't a high suit. But you not only get items to us on time, in the past two seasons they were ahead of schedule. Thank you for all of your help."

Curt, Business Director, Park Chapel Sports, IN


"You are amazing. I ordered these yesterday and they arrived today. Thanks for the great service."

--Karen, GA, USA


I must say WOW!! The package that sent me was incredible. I am an Applications Engineer and I work very closely with a team of customer service representatives and this is so refreshing. Too many times I have felt like customer service was no longer a priority with many companies. Your company has proven that there are still some companies that go above and beyond what is expected. In my spare time I coach two soccer teams, two basketball teams, a baseball team, a coach pitch baseball team, a tee ball team and a flag football team. I am also the volunteer athletic director at our parish. I can promise you that I will continue to tell people about and all of the many benefits from your numerous articles. In me, you will have a customer for life. Thank you again.

--Steve, KY


Thanks for the prompt reply. You really do show what professionalism is all about. This is only my second order from you but this care shows what you are all about and will ensure my continued business.

--Coach Justin


I am impressed with your website and customer service. I found your site on Google, however, you were among many sites which came up. I coach several teams in basketball, baseball, and soccer, and plan to use your patches in the future.

--Coach Rich, Illinois, U.S.A.


"You guys are awesome. Right from my first order I knew I liked your company. My players love the patches and if I don't give them out after a game, they yell at me for them." (Note from SoccerHelp: We can set up Billing Accounts for Schools and Churches).

--Jim, High School Soccer Coach, FL


"I love how fast you turn around the orders you receive! I've never had to wait or wonder what may have happened to my order - it always comes faster than I expect it."

--Coach River, WA, U.S.A.


"Awesome Service! I ordered on Friday and received the package by Monday!"

--Coach Tony, GA, USA


"What great customer service! I think your site is AWESOME! I am a U10 Advanced girls coach playing 7v7. Many of my girls have poor technical skills. I have never played soccer, but have been coaching U6 and U8 for 2 years. Thanks for offering coaches like me such a wonderful place to find information."

--Coach Alison, U.S.A.


Wow...A person! Thanks so much for your personal attention. Thanks again.

--Coach Dave, U.S.A.


Thanks for the continued great service!

--Coach Bruce--California


You're amazing!! Thank you soooooooooooo much for getting the patches to me so quickly yet again. I love doing business with you!! And now I have another soccer team that I'm coaching, so I'll be ordering more patches in the near future. Thanks for your efficiency!!

--Coach River =)


Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order. The patches are wonderful and the girls on my junior high team are so excited. We had camp last week and only one girl from the team did not earn a perfect attendance patch - unlike last year when I had an average of four or five missing.

--Coach Joan, Pennsylvania


Thanks for the great 8 year olds just love these patches! I think it may be the only reason they come to practice! :)

--Coach Dawn , NY


Wow...I didn't expect you guys to be working during the Holiday weekend! I really appreciate your website! I never played soccer as a kid, but ultimately ended up coaching my older daughter's rec league team through U12 and U14. Never really was comfortable, though.
Now I'm coaching my younger girl's U6 team, and your website makes me feel like an "expert."

Thank you.

--Coach Jeff


I just wanted to say thank you for the speedy service of getting my order to me. Soccer got off to a late start this fall season and I completely forgot to order my patches. I'm just lucky I had a few left over from last year although the kids were mad they did not all get the same color. Anyway I ordered more than enough for this season, and I put the word out to other coaches because now the other teams' kids are starting to ask why we have patches.
Again, thank you.

--Coach Jim


WOW that was fast! thanks for being so good at what you do. occer starts monday so now I have time to look these over before we start. Thanks again.



Have just received my DVDs.

THANK YOU for the quick shipment!

--Coach Drake


Got them today in time for practice... Thank you very much for your speedy order processing... Will be back for more!!!

Thanks Again.



I want to thank you for sending the soccer ball patch order to my house so promptly. I was very pleased to get it on time and before the soccer games on Saturday. My 4-5 year old players work hard to get these patches awarded to them and really look forward to showing them off. I believe I am the only coach in my league that uses these awards, and I know that there will be more. Many coaches and parents from other teams tell me how nice they look and have shown interest. You should consider marketing to my Club to promote these wonderful tools.

--Coach Brian, LA, USA


Thank you for the prompt delivery and great soccer DVDs! Sincerely,



I can't tell you how much fun your patches have brought to my GAME! You guys are the best!!!! I love these patches.

--Tammy, California


Thanks for the great service you provide. You guys have always been so helpful.

--Brian, VA USA


I received the patches two days after ordering. I appreciate your timeliness. I will be passing your web-site on to other soccer coaches and the league itself.

--Todd, SC USA


Thanks for the great service.

Thank you.



Thanks for your prompt reply. Your personal touch is just another reason why SoccerHelp is the best soccer website to be found.

--Coach Jim, IL USA


Thanks! I always appreciate your fast shipping.



That's what I call service! Sweet! Thanks!



I have nothing but good things to say about the patches, your website, and the excellent customer service you guys offer. If only all vendors and retailers were so easy to deal with!

Thanks again. Looking forward to receiving my most recent order and placing future orders with you as well.



I was sold on your patch system and now I am sold on your company. I hope this is a start of a long and rewarding partnership. We are ready for a full implementation of the patch system in April.

--Tom, Soccer Club Director


I think it's important to recognize the people and organizations (like yours) that make a difference in people's lives!

Thanks again!



I received the package of soccer patches in time for our practice this past Thursday, and my players were ecstatic to get their patches. I appreciate the great customer service and will be a returning customer and refer others to you.

--Kelly, TX


We coach U6 & U8 girls - just started with the soccer patches. The girls love them and we are having them placed on their shorts. We did various colors for variety. The talk after the game was all about the patches. Advice - go for volume discount - the soccer ball patches go fast, everyone wants to earn one. Service was great, we had our order in time to give out patches prior to our first game. Thank you!!

--Coach Jaini - Henderson, NV


I am so glad to have found your company. You have been a great source for ideas and materials. My players love your patches!

--David, MI


First, I never did thank you and your team about the fantastic service you provided our league a couple months back. The fast turnaround and flexibility was much appreciated.

I am also sending this email, not just to thank you for our last order, but even better news, I need to order more patches for our league.

--Gene, MA


Wow, above and beyond what you needed to do. Thank you. I am looking forward to using the patches with my U9 girls travel team. I think they will love them.

--Elizabeth, U9 Travel, MA


Thank you for being so considerate and prompt!



Many thanks for getting my order out so quickly. I believe I'm the first coach in our region using your patches and I'm sure our players will love them. I would not be surprised to have other coaches/players asking about your patches so you might get other orders from our Soccer region here in CA.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.

--Jorge, U12B, CA


We received the patches yesterday and are very excited about the boys reactions when we pass them out. Your rapid turn around time and helpful staff make your business an asset to the Soccer community.

Thank You,

--Aaron, U9 and U11 Select, WA


I received my baseball patches order last night. The shipping was certainly speedy and I appreciate it. The patches will work perfect for the baseball team. I am completely satisfied with them so, thank you.



Thank you so much for the quick shipment. Our season starts next week and we are excited to see if the patches motivate our players more. Thanks so much!



Wow that was quick, I don't even have the shirts yet! I will definitely order with your company again.



I appreciate you getting my patches order out promptly and the consistent good service Have a great day!

--Chris, NC (customer for 5 soccer seasons)


Thank you and Thank your staff as well.

--Cliff, OR


Thank you for the great service!

--Jane, WA


You guys are the best! I just got the patches! They are perfect! Quick service and great items!

Have a great day and look forward to shopping with you again.

--Angela, CA


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I received the patches today including the extras. Thank you for your excellent and prompt attention to my patch dilemma. You have earned a customer for life. Our last game is tomorrow and I now have enough patches for each player. These patches are so cherished by my players and create so much extra drive on the field. I wish you a great week and look forward to using your site many times in the future.

--U8 soccer coach Jon, Michigan


Thanks David. I just ordered and it worked great. I appreciate the quick response and follow up to my email earlier today.



Dear Wendy:

I got my package of patches today, and was thrilled to find not one but TWO brown-and-black basketballs I had inquired about. Thank you SO much for the quick turnaround time on my order and especially for the discontinued brown-and-black basketballs. Now I have enough to give my girls when they complete their second month on the team.

I will definitely continue my patronage and recommend you to others who coach in my community.


--Kay, Dayton, OH


I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

--Edgar, CA, Baseball coach


Hello! I just received my order so quickly!



I am a U-10 coach in Ga, i have been coaching for 4 years and during that time my teams have been 2-8, 6-4, 7-3, and 8-2 being league runner ups that last 2 seasons. I was looking for an edge that will finally get my kids to the championship. in Searching your site for drills and coaching tips i came across the patches..what a life saver! I introduced the patches for everything from attending practice, completing assigned technique drills, assists, shoulder charges and tackles and WOW they have exploded! My ninjas have scored over 40 goals in 5 games and 4 shut outs! we are undefeated with one game left. The patches have created little soccer monsters! The passing, teamwork, energy and tenacity have doubled event tripled!! Thanks Soccer help! A little advise though ..dont do like i did ..1 steal=1 patch, 1 goal=1 patch etc.. Make it 3 steals=1 patch and so on or you will be ordering a new shipment after every game. Thanks again for the info on drills and the great customer service!

--O.S., GA, Premium Member


Your customer service was outstanding. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for your help.

--Renzo, MD


Let me first say that my players and coaches went absolutely berserk over your patches which I began awarding to my players last night. I coach an 8 and under girls fast pitch softball team in Florida. I wanted to come up with a way to reward my players for all their hard work and improvement. I found your website on my own using Google and searching for "iron-on star patches". When I saw your selection of patches I knew they would be perfect. You offer a great variety of patches including stars of different colors, letters for different achievements, symbols like smiley faces and lightning bolts, etc. I immediately placed a call and received a callback right away. Thank you!

--Peter, FL, Softball


Wow! I just ordered about 15 minutes ago! Super service.

I have been using the soccer patches for both my U10 recreational team and my U14 Boys travel team and both teams love them.


--Jeanne, BU14 Travel Coach and U10,Rochester, NY


Thanks for your prompt response - and great support / superb web site.

--Biju K.


Mahalo for your quick reply. Placed order for 2 DVDs.

--Bea, Hawaii


Got my patches today, that was quick!

--Bob, CO, U12 and U14


Last year our swim team (WTRC Sharks) worked with you and got a bunch of star patches ordered. We were very happy with your products and your service and we wanted to come back to you guys again this year.

Thanks so much!

--John, OH


I just wanted to say thank you very much for not only shipping my lightning bolt patches but also adding the other patches I was interested in at no charge. That tells me you guys are really a GREATTTTTTTTTT company.

Wishing you continued much success,



"You guys are awesome. I made my order late this week, thinking I wouldn't get my patches in time for my first game. But to my surprise, I received them yesterday in plenty of time. You guys are awesome! My kids love these things! Thanks for making a coach and his players very excited!"

--Coach Vic
LCSA Earthquakers - Texas


I already got my patches in the mail! Wow! That was fast! Thanks so much for all you do.

-- Kelly, soccer coach, TX


I am one of those coaches who has purchased and used your patches for the last four years. My teams love them! I spoke to and worked with David Huddleston last season and he provided our club with free sample patches and free access to premium for all our coaches. I've heard some great feedback.

I have also used and continue to promote Coach Doug's site on SoccerHelp to our coaches for the younger age groups. We have talked in our club about how we could provide access to our coaches to this site as well.

--Mark, Recreation Coaching Director, Ohio


Wow, that was quick! Thanks a bunch.

--Anthony, NY, patches customer


Thank you! I love how quick you guys are.

--Steve, CO


WOW!!!! I have ordered from you in the past and my players are very happy with the patches. I will send pictures at end of our season in October. Its good to know that businesses really appreciate their customers. I will spread the word about SoccerHelp.

--Coach Mendoza, TX


Thank you. We appreciate your website and your business' quality service.

--Jim, President (SoccerHelp customer for patches and Coach Doug DVDs)


I own Coach Doug's video and love it! While I will continue with many of the games based on the ideas presented, I was wondering what the most logical next video might be for U7-U9? I'm most interested in teaching positioning but open to any ideas. Thanks.



Thank you for quick turnaround on the order for our league as well as the complimentary add ons. Shipment was received on Saturday and everything looks great. Thanks again.

--Jeremy, NC


I appreciate your prompt reply and helpful explanation. Thanks again!

--Brad, IN


The DVD's are going to give us a tremendous jump start to the league's library! I'm excited to start the season. Thanks again for all your time, efforts and generosity.

--Steve, league coordinator


Thanks Lyn, you guys ROCK!!!

--Julie, league director, CT, Premium and patches customer


The DVD's are going to give us a tremendous jump start to the league's library! I'm excited to start the season. Thanks again for all your time, efforts and generosity.

--Steve, league coordinator


We use your patches every season and the kids love them! You always have wonderful service!



Thank you very much! Your prompt follow up is much appreciated.

--Jessica, Maine


Thank you very much! I appreciate it! I am very pleased with your site and I will definitely send others to your site. Thank you for being such nice and open people. You don't meet many businesses that are there for their customers and your company is there for their customers. Again I appreciate everything you are doing for me!

--Nichole, NY


I just wanted to let you know that I received the patches! Very nice quality! Thank you. I am very happy with your products and services. Sincerely,

--Nichole L.


Wow, you're fast! Thanks.



You're awesome! Thank you so much! I'm excited about this opportunity so I can't wait to show everyone the patches. Thanks.

--Kristi, Middle School


Thank you for all your help. We LOVE your patches. Thank you.



Thank you, I really appreciate the extra mile you have gone on my behalf. Keep up the good works.

--David. UK


Thanks so much – we really appreciate your fabulous customer service! Cheers!



Thank you so much for the fast delivery of the patches. My husband is very excited to hand these out.

--Tracie, Illinois, baseball


Well done, thanks for the speedy response.



Awesome customer service. This is our first order! So excited. Thank You.

--Kim, CA, Softball and Baseball


"I put in an order on Friday and was told that if I had it placed by 1:00. It would ship on Friday, and I put for 3-5 day shipping. I would like to say that I am very impressed with your company and customer service. I didn't get the order placed until about 2:00, past the deadline, but it shipped on Friday anyway. I didn't expect it until Wednesday or Thursday, and was very surprised to receive it on Monday. We will defiantly be using your company for our future patch needs. Keep up the great service."

-- Kristy, TX



--Roberto, GA


"Placing my order was super easy and Wendy was very helpful, great customer service!

I'll definitely place future orders with your shop. All the best.

--Dave, Commissioner, patch customer for 5 years


We use your soccer patches every season and the kids love them! You always have wonderful service!

--Rhonda, League Director, IN


Fantastic! I cannot believe how quickly you responded especially at this hour. Truly impressive. I have been coaching U4, U5, U6,U7 and now U8 for the past several years and have come across many teaching websites. I just signed up for Premium about an hour ago and I am so impressed with the drills (games) and the level of explanation.

--Brent, U8


Thanks for providing a great service to me.

--Kade, AZ


You guys are the best!

--Erin, TX


Thanks for the quick reply. I just ordered 1,000 Gold Stars.

--Valorie, CA Middle School, customer for 2 years


"Parents and coaches on other teams have noticed our patches and I tell them all about how we use them, where we got them and your wonderful customer service. I hope you get many more customers from our area."

-- Kristy, TX

Thank you for quick turnaround on our order as well as the complimentary add ons. Shipment was received on saturday and everything looks great. Thanks again.

-- Jeremy, NC, league coordinator

"I got the patches today and my son is very excited about earning them. I think his favorite one so far is the blood patch (Red A). First game/practice is Sunday, I let you know how things turn out. I guess if its good, then there would be a follow on order. Thank you so much for the quick delivery."

Best Regards,

--Vincent, MA

Thank you for the fast processing of my order. That is really great service. I also appreciate the extra free items that you have added to my order. That was really considerate and kind of you. I know the children that I am working with will really appreciate it! I am always looking for ways to help the children learn new things and improve their skills. It will also help me to be a better coach.

Many thanks for your kindness,

--Eric, NJ

Mandy, thank you. I found the 10 stars, they were deep in the bottom of the package, and did not fall out when I opened it.

I absolutely insist that you let me pay you for the additional stars that you are sending. It was my mistake, and you responded with incredible customer service. Plus, we will put them to good use. Can you charge my credit card, or do you need the details?

Thank you again.



Thanks again. I appreciate the great customer service.

--Jim, U10 coach, MI

You're awesome.

--Dave, league director, IN

I received my order today. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround.

--Greg, Co

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--Aware Of Target Shipping, September 26, 2013

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"Item was just as advertised & arrived promptly."

--Dane Moyer, September 16, 2013

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"Received what we ordered along with some very nice samples of other patches. "

--DRB007, May 30, 2013

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--Antonia, May 8, 2013

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"Transaction well done! Highly recommend this seller! "

--Joseph S., January 23, 2013

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--John R., December 20, 2012

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--Mrs V, February 1, 2012

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--McShane, January 3, 2011

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"Not yet opened but arrived in time."

--Alessandra Villano, December 30, 2010

Thank you for your kindness. Enclosing the extra patches is helpful. I am working with filipinos in southern philippines. All the best to you all.


"Thank you soo much!!!!!!!! I am very pleased."

Jessica, U6 coach

"Thanks for the quick response and great service. Looking forward to many more orders."

Jeff, CA

"Thank you. Your service is outstanding."

Dana, CA