U12 Soccer Drills

No Lines Soccer Drills for U12

Below are free U10 and U12 Soccer Drills for coaches of age 11 and 12. These U12 soccer drills will train your players better and MUCH faster because there are NO LINES. Lines are boring, waste time, and aren't the best way to prepare players for competitive soccer matches because they aren't game-realistic. Our U12 soccer drills maximize touches on the ball and train players to play fast while under pressure. Obviously it is a lot more fun to stay active at practice than it is to stand in line.

Our U12 Soccer Drills are a better way to practice. Coaches and players will immediately see the difference. Your players will be more enthusiastic because they will have more fun and they will notice that their skills are improving. Our U12 soccer drills are also better conditioning because players stay active instead of standing in line.

A big difference between our U12 soccer drills and others is that our drills are games that keep score. Keeping score creates competition between players and causes players to practice at a faster speed than they do in line drills. Our drills train players to play fast and better prepare them for the speed of real soccer matches. As we all know, the team that can play the fastest in a competitive game will usually win.

These U12 soccer drills are exclusive to SoccerHelp. We didn't just collect drills from the internet - we invented most of our drills and they are copyrighted.

Links to Some of Our Free U12 Soccer Drills and Videos of Those Drills

Dribble Across A Square™ U12 Soccer Drill that is a Game - This is the Best Soccer Dribbling Drill - Watch a Video

Aggressive Play, Strength on the Ball & Bravery Soccer Drill - Watch a Video of This Drill

Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race™ U12 Soccer Drill - Watch a Video of this Drill to Teach Aggressive Receiving, One Touch & to Pass ASAP

Throw-Ins Teaching Game™ - Watch a Video of this Soccer Drill

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Emails We've Received from U12 Soccer Coaches

I'm a first year coach. After 4 weeks of using your soccer drills and advice, the boys won their first game 12-0. Their biggest win last season was 4-2.

--Coach Daniel, U11 soccer coach, AU

The concepts that you teach on SoccerHelp Premium are easy for recreational soccer players to understand and, perhaps more importantly, really do lend clarity to the key teaching points of the game. The field positioning concepts and 1 v. 1 win the ball games helped reinforce things that were extremely important to the team against solid competition. The girls ended up winning three of their last four games and played to a dead even 0-0 match in the post-season tournament finals. Everybody was extremely excited with how they played. Thank you so much!!

--Coach Blair, U12 coach and former college soccer player

300 More Testimonials We Have Received from Soccer Coaches

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