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"I loved Coach Doug's video. I struggled coaching my son's U6 until I watched his video. It made all the difference in the world. I now make all our U6 coaches watch his video and they love it as well." Amy, coach and league administrator

"I recently ordered the Coach Doug DVD and I can't say enough about it. It is worth every penny (and more) that I paid for it." Coach David, WA

Great video. Our little boys sat and watched most of it with me!!! Thanks!!! Coach Don

"Best $20 bucks I have ever spent on soccer. I just wanted to thank you for your video. I have been 4 weeks into soccer season when I came up on your site. I used your techniques and the kids loved it. Thanks again." Coach Ben (he bought the Coach Doug Streaming Video)

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Should you buy the Coach Doug DVD or join his website? This is a frequent question. The DVD demonstrates 26 Practice Games and shows you how to practice. However, the website tells you what to do before, during and after the game, how to deal with parents and players, and explains the 26 Practice Games in more detail -- you can print the Practice Game instructions and take them to practice, which is very convenient and will save time. So, there is different information on each. The ideal thing is to buy the DVD and also use the website. Both carry a money-back guarantee, and you can purchase the DVD and a 120 day membership for about $50. The DVD and website will save you a great deal of time and make your coaching experience MUCH more enjoyable. If you join Coach Doug's website, or SoccerHelp Premium, there is a coupon on both sites for $5 off the Coach Doug DVD.

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"I recently bought your soccer DVD on coaching Ages 3, 4, 5, and 6 and was really amazed by your training techniques." Michael, TX, USA

"I have to give credit to Coach Doug's DVD. It keeps the practices fun and entertaining, and we've only played about 6 or 7 of the Practice Games so far, so there are a lot more we can play. The main thing I have taught so far is "puppy on a leash" and monster kicks with correct form. We lost the first game and I think the problem was that I hadn't ordered goals for us to use at practice. The goals came in for the week of practice for the second game so they kids had something to shoot at. Our second game was incredible. I wish you could have seen those little kids play. I haven't had one kid reach down and grab the ball with their hands where both teams we've played have had it happen to them. We also haven't had one kid score on our own goal. They know to turn the ball around and go in the right direction. So well, in fact, that I have only played the turn around game 1 time because they already know to do it. At first I thought the patches were just a gimmick, but after using them for a week and a half I can definitely see how and why they are important. The patches have gotten 1 kid to never use his hands (he used them all the time the first practice), gotten one kid to keep playing after he got hit in the stomach, and gotten one kid to play even though he didn't want to because he was too cold, and another to practice when he was scared to play. That last kid held the patch in his hand the entire practice. Now my son asks for patches for doing stuff around the house. ("Dad, I just picked up my toys, can I get a badge?") They are awesome. My son had to sit out this past game because he was sick and when I got home he asked me if everyone got a patch. He was disappointed that he wasn't able to get one for this game. Man, I could type about this for hours but in short: everything you recommend is great. I wish I could sing your praises from the mountaintops so that more people would buy your stuff. I'm 30 and I haven't played soccer since I was 12 and this is my first time to coach, but I feel like a master coach with these kids. The parents believe in me and you can see it in their faces. If we keep improving at this rate then next year we may have to move up a level. I'll send you a pic of our team when I can. Some of our smallest, youngest kids are our best players. Take care!"

Tommy, U6 coach, TX

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