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Watch Video Clips of Coach Doug Soccerhelp Method of Coaching Ages 3, 4, 5 & 6 DVD The Coach Doug Video Clips are for coaches of ages 3,4,5 and 6 (U4 and U6, U-4 and U-6). This is the most amazing and inspirational soccer coaching DVD I've ever seen and every coach of ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 should own it. This DVD will open your eyes to a better way to coach, your players will improve faster, and players, coaches and parents will have more fun. We offer a money-back guarantee on this DVD. "I recently ordered the Coach Doug DVD and I can't say enough about it. It is worth every penny (and more) that I paid for it." Coach David Read a Detailed Review Membership to Coach Doug's site is as low as $11.94. Click here to Sign-Up   

Watch Video Clips of SoccerHelp Foot Skills and Soccer Moves Training Program (Motor Memory Training and Aerobic Workout) DVD This DVD is the best and fastest way to learn soccer moves and foot skills. It allows a player to practice Soccer Moves at home In front of a TV in a small area about 5 feet square - there is no kicking the ball so it's safe indoors. It is for any player age 9 to adult and has both Basic and Intermediate/Advanced sections that include demonstrations of the moves and a high-energy workout where you follow along with the instructor. The key to learning soccer moves is to practice them repetitively at "game speed" (meaning to do them quickly, not slow). The concept is "motor memory training" where as a result of repetitive practice the body is trained to instinctively perform an activity so it is "second-nature". Players can practice in the house in front of the TV in any weather, day or night, summer or winter, a coach or a partner isn't needed, and an entire workout can be completed in 10 or 13 minutes, so the player doesn't have any excuses for not practicing. We offer a money-back guarantee on this DVD. Read a Detailed Review   

Watch Video Clips of GOL! (Brazilian Soccer Foot Skills and Ball Control Training) DVD This is the most fun DVD to watch with players and everyone will enjoy it - coaches, players and parents. It will inspire and motivate anyone who watches it and increase your creativity. Both you and the players will want to get a ball and start practicing. It shows a group of British boys being trained to play like Brazilians. Every coach at any level will get good training and warm-up ideas from this DVD. "I just watched Gol! Last night. The footwork and dribbling are utterly jaw-dropping!" Coach Bruce Read a Detailed Review

Watch Video Clips of Mia Hamm Soccer Secrets DVD This DVD is unique in that it shows how to teach soccer skills to girl soccer players (all the players and coaches involved are female). The video is done in such a way that girls (or boys) can learn by watching the video, with Mia, Tiffeny and Lorrie as their personal coaches/trainers. The demonstrations will also benefit beginning Recreational coaches. Topics include skills, dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, heading, volleying, 1v1 defending, rules, and motivation. This DVD is 100% positive and just right for beginning to intermediate girls ages 7-12 and beginning girl's coaches. Read a Detailed Review

Watch Video Clips of Anson Dorrance & Tom Stone Soccer Clinic DVD for Serious Coaches and Advanced Players This DVD uses the best instructional method I've ever seen and Anson Dorrance and Tom Stone are brilliant. Anson Dorrance is the most successful women's soccer coach ever. He has won over 600 games (94%), 19 National Championships, and has coached players such as Mia Hamm. For intermediate and advanced coaches and players. An excellent gift for players or coaches. If you're a good coach, watch these video clips. Read a Detailed Review

Watch Video Clips of Soccer Success One On One Coaching (Basic and Intermediate Skills) DVD 96 minutes. Best DVD For Teaching Basic and Intermediate Soccer Skills. There is so much quality information and so many good tips here that every coach can benefit from this, but it is especially good for beginning and intermediate coaches. It is also excellent for parents who want to learn how to teach skills and for players. This DVD shows an excellent coach, teaching his son and explains what he's teaching, why he's teaching it and how to teach it. This is much better than going to a coaching clinic. It is also excellent for players to watch. Read a Detailed Review

Watch Video Clips of England Skills Uncovered DVD (19 Skills are Demonstrated by David Beckham and others) 88 minutes. 19 skills are demonstrated by professional players such as David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen and explained by excellent commentary, graphics and footage from professional matches. Among the skills shown are turning, dribbling, running with the ball (aka speed dribbling), one-touch passing, combination play, forward runs in front of the ball, helping the player behind the ball, scoring goals, long range shots, quick shots in the box, beating the goalkeeper, headers from crosses, free kicks, penalty kicks, defending, pressuring the ball, marking and turning and winning the ball. The game footage and interviews in this DVD make it a very entertaining and excellent soccer training DVD. Read a Detailed Review