How to Assign Soccer Positions

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Preface: Trying to figure out the best positions for your players isn't only about winning, it is also about putting young players in a position they enjoy and where they can be successful. Some positions require different skills, abilities, and personality traits than others.

  1. Should you rotate players to all positions?
  2. Selecting a Striker or Center Forward
  3. Selecting "Wing" Forwards
  4. The critical positions on Recreational teams
  5. Selecting Fullbacks and Defensive Midfielders
  6. Selecting a Center Midfielder or Center Offensive Midfielder
  7. How to select a goalkeeper
  8. Where to play your weakest players
    1. Players afraid of contact
    2. Players who are slow
    3. Players with weak ball skills
  9. Where to play a great, dominant player.
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