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Help U.S. Troops Provide Soccer Balls to Children Around the World - The Kick For Nick Foundation honors PFC Nick Madaras who was killed by an IED while serving in Iraq in 2006. Nick had been an avid soccer player, coach and referee and before his death asked his parents to send him soccer balls for the children in Iraq. Kick for Nick has distributed over 45,000 soccer balls in 20 countries. To read more visit

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"I can't say enough about the tried and true results of using these patches! This very same team that lost ALL 8 games in the fall, won 7 out of 8 games this spring!!! The kids wanted those patches!!!" Coach Gayla, Missouri

"It would have not been possible for us to win the tournament without the help presented on SoccerHelp Premium." Corey

"My players love the soccer patches and are always eager to earn a patch. I am seeing amazing results from the patches and Premium soccer drills. Dribble Across a Square, the Defensive Footwork drills and Chips/Lofted passes drills have helped my players and I see it in games. My U8 team just beat the best team in the league which last season beat us easily." Kevin, MD, U8 and U10, Premium member

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