Canada Shipping FAQ

We have been investigating the best way the ship to Canada. Our Custom's experts tell us that DVD's should not incur custom duties but patches may have customs duties added. In certain Provinces, there can be additional taxes added. If you live in Canada, you are probably very familiar with these issues and know what you can expect. We do not try to estimate custom duties or include that information in our invoice. You, as the customer, will handle that part of the shipping process.

We mail all Canadian merchandise by USPS Global Priority Mail. The Post Office claims 4 to 6 business day (do not count weekends and Holidays, US or Canadian) to delivery. In our experience, it is more often 9 or 10 business days. It is more expensive for us to mail to Canada, so a "Flat Rate" of $4.00 is added to every order no matter how many DVDs or patches it contains. This $4.00 charge is in addition to any Shipping and Handling charge that is standard with the item you are ordering. There is no tracking available for Global Priority Mail. The only way to track international packages is using Global Express Guaranteed. That, of course, is much more expensive. If you have a Fed Ex, UPS or DHL Account Number and would like for us to use that for your shipping, we would be glad to. Shipping with your Fed Ex, UPS or DHL account can not be done "On Line", you must call us to order 1-888-373-7745.