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Soccerhelp.com came on-line in October 2001 and by the end of its sixth month the site averaged over 300 visitors and 3000 hits per day from all over the world (64 countries). The feedback has been very positive and coaches who tried the methods described on the site, or in the book on which the site is based, saw quick results. Rec teams often went from only winning a few of their games to winning most of their games and their scoring greatly increased. Overall, both coaches and players improved and had more fun. We have even had positive feedback from a number of school team coaches.

We want to get more structured feedback and are starting a free "Testers" program. We want 5 coaches each in U-8, U-10, U-13 and U-16 to participate. These coaches will receive additional practice games and advice on how to quickly improve their team's play that should quickly result in more goals, more wins, more fun and a better team. They will have the benefit of material that is currently not on soccerhelp. We are now working on a Premium component to soccerhelp that will be on-line within 3-4 months. This Premium site will have 25-30 additional practice games, practice plans and much other new material that is organized in a format that is very easy to use and will produce quick results. At no cost or obligation, the Testers will be sent a good deal of the new material in advance of the site coming on-line.

Preference will be given to coaches who have already used the soccerhelp methods. This will be a "handshake" deal (Coaches will not be obligated, nothing will be in writing and either party may terminate the deal at any time) but we ask that anyone who applies to participate make a good faith commitment and if you drop out or cease to participate you will, of course, lose the benefits. You will not be required to do anything. However, the more you help us, the more we will help you. You should not participate unless you really want to improve your coaching ability and are willing to try new things. Also, we prefer coaches whose teams won less than 60% of their games or whose team averaged fewer than 2 goals per game during the prior or current season or who have had success using the soccerhelp methods. We ask you to review the following on soccerhelp before applying: "Coaching Rules" (found at "Tips", Coaching Tips and at Coaching Rules), "Attacking Plan", "Formations", and "Scoring More Goals". In some cases we may want to use the positive feedback we receive or ideas we receive on the new Premium site. We will not distribute your name but might use a quote followed by a reference such as: "Using your methods my team went from averaging one goal per game last season to 3 goals per game this season. From Dave, U-13 boys rec coach, Texas" and "Last season my team only won one game but I have used your book and this season we won all but one and were voted the most improved U-10 team. The book made a huge difference. From Joan, U-10 girls rec coach, U.S.A." (by the way, these are actual comments we have received).

If you are interested send an e-mail to dkljj@soccerhelp.com or click Contact Us on the soccerhelp Home Page. Tell us about your team (age or grade, sex, whether rec or select, how many years together, and whether you selected your team or they were assigned to you), your soccer experience as a player and coach, how well your team is doing or did last season (% of games won and average number of goals scored and given up per game), and where you are located.