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Why We Offer Clubs a Free Trial Subscription to SoccerHelp Premium

We offer it because once you try our unique No Lines Practice Games and training methods, you will see that our training program is the best for all Rec players and for Select players to age 14, and you will keep using our program and tell other coaches about it. Your players will quickly start to play better. Skeptical? There are 1,000 Testimonials from coaches at - some are pasted below. If 2 teams have players of equal athletic ability and speed, the team that uses our training program will be noticeably better after 5 hours of practice. Over 15,000 coaches around the world have paid to subscribe to Premium.

Why the SoccerHelp Skills Training Program is Better

The SoccerHelp program uses unique No Lines Practice Games and training methods instead of Line Drills. We developed our No Lines Practice Games over 20 years based on feedback from hundreds of coaches and they are copyrighted - that is why you don't see them on other websites. Our No Lines Practice Games train players to play fast while under pressure, and they are more fun than Line Drills. Players get 2 or 3 times more touches per hour and they improve 2 or 3 times faster. SoccerHelp Practice Games for U8 and older create competition, so players learn to perform skills fast while under pressure in chaotic conditions, which prepares them for real games. The NSCAA Soccer Journal has published 4 articles about our program.

There are 3 ways to get a Free Club Subscription to SoccerHelp Premium for Yourself or Your Organization

  1. If you coach in a Soccer Club or League (including YMCA or church leagues), ask a Board Member, the Administrator, the Coaching Director, or the Player Development Director to email us and request a Free 45 Day Trial Club Subscription to SoccerHelp Premium that the Board Members, Coaches and Assistants can share. Email us to tell us what you have done and when we set it up we will email you the username and password. All we need from the Board Member, the Administrator, the Coaching Director or the Player Development Director is their name, position, and a link to the organization's website that shows their name and position. If you like it, we will extend it for Free for an extra 120 days and have that start when you want. After that, if you would like to continue the Club Subscription, we can do that for $150 per year, or if your club or league starts using our motivational patches, it would be Free (see No. 3 below). Email us at Contact Us
  2. If you are a Board Member, the Administrator, the Coaching Director, or the Player Development Director for a Soccer Club or League (including YMCA or church leagues), we will set up a Free 45 Day Trial Club Subscription to SoccerHelp Premium that your Board Members, Coaches and Assistants can share. All you have to do is email us your name, position, and a link to the organization's website that shows your name and position. If you like it, we will extend it for Free for an extra 120 days and have that start when you want. After that, if you would like to continue the Club Subscription, we can do that for $150 per year, or if your club or league starts using our motivational patches, it would be Free (see No. 3 below). Email us at Contact Us
  3. If you or your organization buy $250 or more of our Motivational Patches, upon request we will set up a Free one year Premium Subscription for you or your organization. Individuals and soccer clubs, leagues, schools, churches, etc. qualify. To receive this, all you have to do is email us the name you ordered in or the Order Number at Contact Us and the name you want it set up in (if you want, we can set it up in the Club, League, School, or Church name and you can share it with them). The normal cost of a one year Subscription to SoccerHelp Premium is $39. So if 100 people use it, it is a $3,900 value. A $250 order is about 700 patches.

Below are Examples of What Coaches Say - Does your training program get these results?

"At every practice we religiously do Dribble Across a Square, Dribble Around A Cone and Pass, etc, etc, - the poise my boys have on the ball is leaps and bounds above other teams now. Before, we were 4 wins 5 losses (19 Goals scored and gave up 25 Goals). Last season our record was 9 Wins 1 Tie (60 Goals scored and gave up 5 Goals)." Coach T, U12 Boys travel team, MA, Premium subscriber

"Without Dribble Across a Square my U12 daughter would not have the foot skills that she has. She has played it at every practice since U8 and is well known in our rec league as someone you have to double and triple team if you don't want her to score. This past week she was offered a spot on a U13 travel team. My advice to coaches is to play Dribble Across a Square at every practice." Coach Jason, Premium member for 4 years

"I would personally like to thank for the amazing fundamentals that my oldest daughter and her teammates have been taught and how to correctly play soccer. I played for years myself from the age of 4-20 years old but I was NOT a coach. So I had no clue how to begin coaching. 5 of those girls (my daughter included) are Freshmen starting on their VARSITY high school soccer team, while 3 others play on the varsity squad as freshmen or sophomores. My daughter is the starting CMF." Aaron, OH, Premium subscriber for 6 years

"I believe utilizing your 'practice games' in place of drills has contributed to our Club's growth over the past 2 years where we have grown from 320 kids per season to 540." Larry, soccer club officer, PA

"I think the best way to teach dribbling with both feet is to play SoccerHelp Practice Games that teach players to "naturally" dribble with both feet. The reason is because you want your players to be able to dribble naturally, comfortably, confidently and instinctively without thinking." from

"I was a college soccer player and had coached club U17 girls and HS varsity women's soccer teams in the past. I decided to volunteer as head coach for my daughter's U8 team. I chose to experiment and ONLY do drills I got from your site. Happy to report that we only got scored on 3 times all season, and most of our players were very comfortable dribbling through traffic!" Nicole, U8, Premium member, posted on

"Our now U15-G Ann Arbor United Pumas went from being cellar dwellers to competitive against older and higher-level teams. One highlight was beating a high school team coached by a former English Premier League player!" Nick, MI, Premium Member for 3 years

"Our regional director says I'm the most requested coach she's ever seen. SoccerHelp is the reason!!! Every practice game, etc. came from SoccerHelp Premium....WELL DONE!" Mark, MI, Premium member

"The Practice Games are AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE!! Parents tell me that their girls cannot wait to go to practice." Coach M.J., Premium subscriber

"We finished 13-0 with a goals for vs goals against differential of 49-1 vs ALL STAR teams from around Northern California." Scott, CA, U12G, Premium member

On Oct. 9, Coach P. subscribed to SoccerHelp Premium. On Oct. 15 we got this email > "WE WON OUR FIRST GAME!!!!!! WE were losing every game 5-0, 7-0, 8-0, etc. FINAL SCORE: 4-2!!!!! SOCCER HELP TOTALLY GAVE US THE CONFIDENCE AND ONCE THE TEAM SAW IT WAS WORKING, THEY BOUGHT IN!!!!! The cost for PREMIUM pales in comparison to the feeling that I'm feeling now!!!! THANK YOU COACH!!!!!! Please post my testimonial to help a coach that may be on the fence on getting SOCCER HELP PREMIUM. There is no doubt that your website helped us to win our first game this season." Coach P., U9, VA, 8v8, Premium member

And on Nov. 1 we got this email from Coach P. > "Hey Coach! Just wanted to tell you what's goin' on: I was asked to help with an indoor clinic 2x a month due to the change coaches saw in my team. Isn't that great?!? It will be 8-11 year olds. I have a question: What drills (besides dribble across a square, etc) do you suggest? Thanks," Coach P.

"As a first year coach of u10, both myself and my assistant knew "stuff", but were unsure of how to bring it together. I followed some of the basic tips and drills that definitely worked in improving the skill of the kids and helped us as coaches. I used dribble across the square, and dribble around the cone at every practice. The results: Spring Season: 10-1-1 We won the championship Fall Season: 10-0 with the most telling stat (I kept 2 stats only) 40 goals for, 4 goals against. Thank you!"

- Coach Dewey, U10B, VA, first year coach, SoccerHelp Premium member since before Spring Season, posted on

"I'm 41 and have played and coached soccer for many years. I didn't think you could teach me anything new, but boy was I wrong!!! I've used your Practice Games in my last 2 practices and the results were truly phenomenal." Jon

"I have learned more in the two weeks since subscribing to Premium than I learned in seven years of coaching. I searched the web long and tediously before signing up." Coach Rion, SC

"You're the best site there is, all your drills work and the kids want to play even after the training is finished." Coach Dave, England

"Your website was a revelation to me. I've been playing adult soccer for the last 3 years and just started my fourth season coaching, mostly at the U-10 level. I recently earned the National E license. I learned more about soccer very quickly from your website than I have from anything else." Rob, GA, Premium subscriber

"My daughter is averaging 2-3 goals per game. It's been awesome watching her turn into a great player just by religiously doing SoccerHelp drills." Derik, KS, U10, Premium subscriber for 3 years

"My U12 girls won the end of year tournament. The main thing I saw in my girls was a huge increase in their confidence while playing. Some of that was better skills, but more important was being used to playing under pressure and in chaotic conditions due to the SoccerHelp practice games." Philip, U12, WA, Premium Member

"I want to thank you. Your website has truly changed my coaching philosophy for the better." Brian, VA, Middle School Coach

"Our season ended last week and what an amazing season for my players! We finished 8 – 2. I can't begin to express my sincerest gratitude! I've been coaching this team for 4 seasons and never had this much improvement so quickly. We always had a losing season (hadn't won a game the past 2 seasons) and frankly my players were getting bummed out - not to mention myself. Eric, Premium subscriber, U8 Rec, 6v6 no goalie

"So far, we are undefeated. We play in Italy in our Military communities Youths Sports program. In the First game the coach of the other team complemented me in the second quarter on how well we were doing and after the game the Italian referee for our game went out of his way to congratulate me and said we were the only team "that does it right" which means a lot since generally Europeans don't have much regard for "American" Soccer. Last game on Oct. 1 we got compliments from the other teams coach, and Tuesday night I saw the coach of the first team we beat doing drills that looked at lot like ours for the first time. Keep up the good work!" Lee, U8, Italy, Premium member, posted on

There are 1,000 more Testimonials from coaches at

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