Club and Group Discounts Program
SoccerHelp Premium
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Contact us if you are interested in Club or Group memberships.

Free Evaluation Membership: If you are an officer of a soccer club or youth soccer organization, send us the name of the Club or Group you represent, your city and state/nation and the estimated number of coaches in your club or group and we will send you a free 30-day subscription so you can evaluate SoccerHelp Premium.

How To Purchase Club or Group Subscriptions at a Reduced Price: We offer club and group discounts for memberships up to a year in length. Contact us is you are interested. The minimum is 10 subscriptions. In your e-mail, include the name of your club or group, the location, number of coaches, and your position in the group. To participate in this, we require you put a link to SoccerHelp on your website. Upon receipt of payment, we will set up the subscriptions, creating usernames and passwords that are unique, but that include the name of your Club or organization. (We will choose the exact usernames and passwords and they cannot be changed, but they will not be too difficult to remember). We will then e-mail the list of your usernames and passwords to the person you designate. We will strive to set up and start the subscriptions within a day or two after our receipt of payment. We cannot guarantee to start them on a particular date, this is why we add an extra 20 days for free. The 20 days also gives you time to distribute the subscriptions so that your members should be able to use the subscription for at least the full number of days subscribed for. All the policies and conditions found on the SoccerHelp site apply to Club Memberships.

Fundraising Program: We offer one inch iron-on soccer ball patches in 6 different colors as a fund raising opportunity for clubs and groups. Contact us for details.

Webmasters: If you are the Webmaster of the website for a soccer club (or non-profit) that has at least ten soccer teams, or of a general soccer site that attracts over 100 visitors per month, post a link on your site to and we will send you a free 100 day subscription to SoccerHelp Premium. (Sorry, we cannot do this for individual team sites). Just contact us from the link below and give us your site name and tell us where to find the link to SoccerHelp. When the subscription expires, contact us again and we will renew it for as long as you continue to link to us.

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