Symbolism of the Lightning Bolt Patch

Ideas for Using this Patch to Encourage Teamwork

All of our patches are in a circle, which represents the team and the fact that every player should remember that he or she is part of the team, and that the team holds us together.

The Lightning Bolt Patch™ has additional symbolism that you can use to motivate your players and teach them the importance of teamwork. The patch has 2 "Bolts", each identical and both equal... these symbolize offense and defense, and the fact that offense and defense are equally important. The 2 Bolts are held together by a middle, which in soccer represents the midfield, and both Bolts touch the Circle, which represents the team, so the entire design is connected, and each part is necessary.

You can change the symbolism to fit your sport.

Ideas for When to Give Out this Patch:

  1. At the first of the season, give every player and of these patches and use it to explain the importance of teamwork and how the offense and defense are equally important and held together by the midfield. Tell the players that you want them all to remember the importance of teamwork.
  2. For assists, which are unselfish and help the team achieve success
  3. For being a role model for the team
  4. Player of the game
  5. For clutch play
  6. For being a team player
  7. For hustle