We Seek Distributors for Our Patches Outside the US

We will sell 1,000,000 patches this year, have processed over 40,000 orders, and have sold over 4 million. We have distributors in the UK, Canada, Australia and in the US for baseball. We would like a US distributor for basketball (someone with a major basketball website) and distributors who live in other countries.

Our patches are made for us in China based on our original designs. Our designs and protected by copyrights and trademarks. We carry 35 different designs of patches and all are one inch in diameter and iron-on. We sell them off-the-shelf and do NOT do custom patches.

Our motivational patches really work. You can read over 350 Testimonials from Coaches, Schools & Churches Who Use Our Motivational Patches

We sell patches to all sports, schools, pre-schools and after-school programs and churches.

The reason we need distributors is because of the cost and time involved with shipping. We had so many "lost" packages that we will now only ship to other countries by Express Mail and we charge a flat $38.95 per order. Even shipping by Express Mail the delivery time can be a week. We have the problem that if we cannot easily determine is a credit card from outside the US is fraudulent, so the amount of credit card fraud is high. There is also the problem with buyers having to deal with Customs and pay import taxes. All those problems are solved by having a local distributor.

You should have a website or strong connections to sports, schools or churches to get started as a distributor. It is not a full time job, but it can be a good supplemental income. You can use the patch images from SoccerHelp, Testimonials from SoccerHelp, etc. I will tell you which of our patches are our best sellers.

We would put a link on our order page to your website but you should not count only on business from us - you should have a website or contacts in sports.

If you have soccer (football) connections, we can arrange free subscriptions to SoccerHelp Premium that you can give away in your country to build interest.

You can get started for less than $200.

If you are interested, email me at Contact David at SoccerHelp and I will send you more details. Please tell me if you have a website and why you think you can be successful doing this. We want a "win-win" situation where we are both happy. If you want to see samples, we can ship them to you at cost, but you will need to pay the shipping and a wholesale price.


David at SoccerHelp