Soccer Patch Handout - Team Blackwell

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Our goal this soccer year is to build upon your child's love and knowledge of the game of soccer. To help do this we will be using a Soccer Patch Award System with patches from

PRACTICE! - Earn this patch by being a faithful and dependable teammate - how do you do that? Come to practice! Earn one Blue Soccer Ball for every three practices you attend. Remember: Mondays & Thursdays from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.
WIN! - Each player attending a game that we win earns this patch! (Notice how similar this patch is to the PRACTICE! Patch - teams that come to practice win more games!)
GOAL! - Earn one Black Soccer Ball for every goal you score in a game
ASSIST! - That goal couldn't have been scored without you! For your awesome teamwork, earn one Green Soccer Ball when you pass the ball to a player who scores!
DEFENSE! - The defense patch is awarded to every player at each game in which the other team scores only one or zero goals. It takes the whole team to keep the ball out of our net!

Meet the Generals!
BLUE STAR GENERAL! - Earn the Blue Star by attending every practice & game. Attending practice is the best way to improve your skills and to learn how to work together as a team.
GREEN STAR GENERAL! - This is the Player's Choice Award! You will vote after each game for the player who showed great teamwork, good attitude, cheering for the team, passing the ball, and giving his or her best effort!
RED STAR GENERAL! - This is the Coach's Choice Award! Awarded once per week to the player that practices with focus and determination.