LSC U11 Marauders Award Soccer Patches

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This year we are going to be awarding patches for outstanding achievements. These will be awarded at Practices and Games. Patches will be awarded for the following:


For extreme toughness, hustle and guts in a game.
For being the Best Team Player in a game. This includes watching the game on the bench, cheering for your teammates from the sideline, and encouraging other players while on the field.
For playing beautiful Soccer. When a player does something in a game that demonstrates he has noticeably improved one of his skills, or for performing a feat of amazing or beautiful soccer.

10 Juggles Juggling patches can be earned after practice. You will have 2 attempts to show the coach how many you can do. The 10 Juggle patch must be earned before the 20 Juggle patch.
20 Juggles

2 Homeworks in a row. Players will be given homework each practice. To get credit for homework, you must bring a signed note from their parents explaining what you did.
4 practices in a row. Attending all practices helps you and the team improve. This is to reward you for that. If you go to a Sunday skills session, these count as part of your "4 in a row".

All Game (Star) Patches should be worn on the left leg.
All Skills and Dedication Patches should be worn on the right leg