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This year we are going to be awarding patches for outstanding achievements. These will be awarded at practices and games. Patches will be awarded for the following:

Ranger: Attending all practices helps you and the team improve. This is to reward you for that. Earn one Ranger patch for every three practices you attend.
Master Skills: Throughout the season Coach Dave will challenge you with skills (like juggling 3 times without letting the ball touch the ground.) If you can demonstrate a skill in front of a coach or parent, you earn a Master Skills Patch!
*Skills must be demonstrated before or after practice, and you only get 2 attempts at a skill per practice.

King Cheetah: - The King Cheetah can be earned by making an exceptional offensive play during a game. An example would be getting an assist - making a pass to a teammate that directly leads to a goal.
Big D: This patch can be earned by making an exceptional defensive play during a game. An example would be making a tackle or blocking a shot that directly prevents a goal.

Lightning Bolt: Energy, enthusiasm, persistence, hustle, and a positive attitude during practice or a game will earn you this patch.
The General: A General shows great leadership skills on and off the field. He takes the initiative to lead or rally the team, and sets a good example by listening to the Coach and following directions at practice and during games.
Braveheart: This player is very brave. If this player collides with an opponent or a teammate, he gets right back up and battles for the ball. This player never gives up.

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