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SoccerHelp can help you become a better soccer coach. Our emphasis is coaching youth soccer, but coaches of adult soccer teams will also benefit from the SoccerHelp program. Many soccer coaches have had remarkable coaching results using the soccer practice games, formations, styles of play, tactics and soccer tips recommended in SoccerHelp and SoccerHelp Premium. Following are excerpts from some of the e-mails we have received from soccer coaches. As you can see, SoccerHelp Premium really works, is easy to teach and can achieve quick results:

"What a huge difference. We have outscored opponents 18-3."

Coach Chuck, U-10 Girls, California, USA

"I'm a first year coach. After 4 weeks of using your drills and advice, the boys won their first game 12-0. Their biggest win last season was 4-2."

Coach Daniel, U-11 Boys, Sydney, Australia

"Wow! Who would have believed this stuff would work this well. We had gone 5 games without a win (0-4-1) when I started using SoccerHelp Premium in mid-season. The next game we tied. Since then we have won 4 straight games, outscoring the opponents 17-2. The kids can't get enough of it. Neither can I. It is a lot more fun playing and coaching when the team wins. The kids do not want to come off the field when I sub them."

Coach Don, U-9 Boys, California, USA

"Thank you for your invaluable help this season. I have coached girls rec soccer for three years now. Up until midseason this year I was doing some things right and a lot of things wrong. Then I ran across your site. I applied your program. The transformation of my team was incredible. My daughter has blossomed into an exceptional player and now wants to be the next Mia Hamm. Using your techniques in one on one practices, her skills and understanding of the game allowed her to become a dominating force on the field. I can't wait until next year when my daughter moves up to U-10. I will get to start the season with your program."

Coach Dave, U-8 Girls, Florida, USA

"After going to the system you recommended and adopting your Practice Games philosophy, my team finished this season in second place with a 6-2-2 record. We scored 24 goals and let 14 goals in. I believe the system you recommended made the greatest difference. This system is not only effective, it is very easy for the players to grasp. Throughout the entire season my practice participation was an average of 60% attendance. This is further testimony of how easy it is to grasp this system. I had two players who couldn't make a single practice but learned the system on the fly and played it well. I want to thank you again for all your help this season. I'm looking forward to next season." (Scott had only won 3 of the past 30 games).

Coach Scott, U-13 Boys, Texas, USA

"Your pearls of wisdom have been invaluable. Our team has now scored 8 goals in the last two games while our opponents have yet to score. We have been doing the Premium practice games and, you know, they really work."

Coach Will, U-9 Boys, USA

"I had so many parents tell me how much their child enjoyed soccer this year. Even first year players were scoring, playing like third and fourth year players and having a great time. Your hints, strategy, practice games and web site are fantastic. I'm moving on to division 5 next season. I noticed a big improvement in dribbling. It was amazing. The team scored a lot of goals, we usually had 6-7 a game. Your site has not only helped the kids, but it has helped me gain greater confidence as a coach."

Coach Suellen, U-8 Coed, Pennsylvania, USA

"My U-11 girls finished in first place in the "A" division. Our record was 8-1-1. The formation you recommended helped us score more goals. WOW!! What a change." In an earlier letter she said: "Thanks for introducing this system to me and my players."

Coach Lisa, U-11 Girls, Texas, USA

"Just wanted to let you know that the practice games, advise, etc. really work. In the last 5 games, we have won 4. Thanks for all your help."

Coach Tara, U-9 Girls, New Jersey, USA

"After starting our season 0-4, we continued to work on those things in practice and it finally began to click as we went 4-1-1 and won our season ending tournament while outscoring our opponents 17-5 during that stretch. As a first year coach, I am grateful for your help. My daughter progressed so well that she has made a U-11 traveling team for the fall at age 9."

Coach Bryant, U-10 Girls, Pennsylvania, USA

"I have to say that using the attacking style and formation you recommended were extremely effective with my U-14 team. The girls scored many goals, and they really enjoyed playing. They were confident they could score on any team if they hustled (and they did). I should note that our practice attendance was very low (&lt 50%), particularly late in the season. It only took about 3 practices to teach them this style of play, however, and they hit the ground running as soon as we started playing games. Also, your advise about not pushing up the fullbacks worked very well. I'm convinced now that, at the recreational level, pushing up your defense is very overrated. We had very few goals scored against us when our fullbacks "stayed home". The idea of using Premium practice games during practice, rather than drills, also worked very well, particularly with my U-10 girls. I had a lot more fun coaching this year, and I'm sure the girls had a lot more fun playing."

Coach Jack, U-10 and U-14 Girls, Nevada, USA

"Through the use of many of the Practice Games on your Premium site my U-10 Boys team improved immensely and had a successful Fall season. We had only one win in our first tournament against three lopsided losses. Since then we have gone 10 and 2 with a second place finish in the State Recreation League Tournament and a 2 and 1 record in the state-wide club level tournament. This is a new team and we will try to continue to improve on our accomplishments this Spring and next Fall. 10 of the boys will be eligible to play U-10 again next year. As the boys have learned positioning and become more accustomed with the level of play we have moved to a 2-3-2. So far so good. Thanks for your help."

Coach Randy, U-10 Boys Tournament Team, USA

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