Soccer Coaching Tips and Basic Information
for New Soccer Coaches
and How to Coach U4, U6 & U8 Soccer

Soccer coaching tips and basic info for new soccer coaches and youth soccer coaches. How to coach youth soccer. Coaching soccer ages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, U4, U6, U8, soccer practice tips, and a letter to soccer parents. Below are links to 28 of the most frequently asked questions.

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Free Soccer Patches

NOTE: If you want the best and fastest results, we strongly recommend you buy our iron-on incentive patches and subscribe to Premium. Many coaches see immediate results from the patches - their players try harder, hustle and come to practice. Read Letters from Coaches about the results they have achieved and how they used the patches. Drills train players to play slow -- our Practice Games train players to play fast. Think about it - drills aren't at "Game Speed" and aren't under pressure. Our Practice Games involve competition and players want to win the Practice Games, so they can earn a patch, so they learn to play fast and under pressure. As a result, players learn faster and play better. See Soccer Practice Plans.

Basic Information & Tips for Beginning Coaches


  1. Recreational & Select Soccer
  2. How To Determine A Child's "Soccer Age"
  3. Soccer Rules
  4. Soccer Equipment
  5. Soccer Practice Tips and Soccer Practice Plans
  6. Practice Attendance
  7. Team Names & Cheers
  8. Playing Time
  9. When You Can Substitute
  10. Soccer Goalkeepers
  11. Small Sided Soccer Games & Soccer Formations
  12. Injuries
  13. Encourage Learning & Tolerate Mistakes
  14. Rewarding Or Punishing Performance
  15. Measuring Success
  16. Incentives from SoccerHelp
  17. Be A Good Role Model
  18. Things You Are Not Allowed To Do
  19. Things You Should And Things You Should Not Do
  20. Coaching During Soccer Games
  21. At the End of the Game
  22. Keeping Children & Parents Under Control
  23. The Importance Of Warming Up Before Playing
  24. Where To Buy Soccer Stuff
  25. Always Remember
  26. How to Coach U-4, U-6 and U-8 Navigation Page
  27. How To Teach Offense & Defense
  28. Questions & Answers
  29. Fill-in-the-Blanks "Letter to Soccer Parents", Medical Form & Volunteers Form
    - Sample Letter to Parents
    - Medical Form
    - Volunteers Form
  30. Field Diagram

  31. Logo

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