Soccer Incentive Patches

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Players, you have received a "Team" patch for our first game of the season. You may earn more patches at each game as we go along. Because they are earned, not everyone may get every single one, not everyone will receive one at every single game, and you may get more than one of each type. However, I hope you will all strive to earn them all. If you work on all these things, you will be a great player, not just at soccer, but in life.

Players can earn soccer ball patches at each game. There is one rule besides demonstrating the proper skill or attitude: DO NOT ASK TO BE REWARDED WITH A PATCH. Coaches will award patches at the end of the Monday practice. There will be no patches awarded on game day. These are the possibilities.

Blue/White: Offensive player of the game--good hustle, assertiveness, passing forward, lots of shooting at the goal

Yellow/Blue: Defensive player of the game--actively trying to steal ball from other team's offense, backing up the goalie, staying in defensive position, making good efforts at stopping other team's shots on goal

Purple/White: Encourager--when resting on the sidelines, cheering for and encouraging members of your team

Black/White: Listen, Learn, and Do--attending to what's learned at practice and attempting to try it out during the game

Red "A": Good Attitude--whether we win or lose, whether practice is exciting or boring, maintaining a positive attitude toward game, other team, coaches, refs, and teammates

Green/White: Team Player--passing the ball, not being a ball hog, calling out to each other on the field, congratulating good play on the field (to either team)

Red/White: Bravery--please don't try to EARN this one!!--injury while playing, but still striving to help out the team

Orange: Great Goalie

Let's have a great season!!

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