Soccer Rules

and Youth Soccer League Rules

Soccer rules can be hard to understand. That is why we have simplified the official soccer rules by explaining them in a way that is easily understood. Also, we have organized them in a way that allows you to easily find the soccer rules and definitions you are looking for. For example, if you want to read about Fouls, Cards, Dangerous Play, or the Offside rule, just click the link below that goes to that topic. In case you want to see more, the first link is to a longer list of definitions and soccer rules.

For convenience, the links below are to separate topics so you can find some of the more popular soccer rules. The topics are interlinked so if you have questions you can easily find answers. We have also provided links to the definitions of terms that are used in the explanations of soccer rules. At each topic you click, there is a explanation and links to related topics and definitions.

The links below go to explanations of soccer rules or to the definitions you need to understand the rules. The first link is to a longer list of soccer rules that contains over 70 topics. The last link is to Soccer Practice Plans and is just there so you can see a different section of SoccerHelp.

How the Official Soccer Rules are Made. The official international soccer rules are developed by the world soccer governing body, which is known as "FIFA" and are known as the Laws of the Game. Youth organizations almost always modify the official soccer rules. Among the usual rule changes made by youth soccer leagues are game lengths, the number of players on each team, field sizes for various age groups, substitutions, and offside rules are usually not enforced for younger ages. Ball sizes, length of games, field sizes and rules vary by age group. In the topics linked below, we discuss the rule changes that are usually made by youth leagues.

Most youth leagues and some adult leagues change the official soccer rules to make games more fun: Ask your soccer league for a copy of their rules or for a list of changes they have made to the official rules.

  1. Click here for a much longer list of Rules and Definitions in alphabetical order
  2. Fouls
  3. Cards (Red and Yellow)
  4. Soccer field size
  5. Corner kick
  6. Dangerous play
  7. Direct free kick
  8. Free kick
  9. Goal Box
  10. Goal kick
  11. Hand Ball
  12. Indirect Free Kick
  13. Kick Off
  14. Offside Rule
  15. Penalty Box
  16. Penalty Kick
  17. Unsporting Behavior
  18. Soccer Practice Plans Logo

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