SoccerHelp Seeks an Official Sponsor

Up to this point we have intentionally declined offers from advertisers and sponsors, but we are now ready to consider an official sponsor for SoccerHelp. In case you wonder, the look of SoccerHelp is intentional... it�s simple, �retro�, distinctive, and loads faster than other sites. SoccerHelp is actually a very sophisticated site with a full custom shopping cart and subscription components, and it is fully optimized for the search engines. At this time, we have a staff of 5.

We believe SoccerHelp is now the most popular soccer coaching site in the U.S., and definitely the most popular among entry-level coaches. SoccerHelp is popular because it is a unique program that really works � that is what differentiates it from other soccer coaching sites and why visitors tell their friends. If you aren�t familiar with SoccerHelp, read the Testimonials, they will tell you a lot. No other soccer coaching site has testimonials like SoccerHelp. You can also learn a lot about SoccerHelp from the Coach Doug Video Clips. View Video Clips of The Coach Doug Soccerhelp Method of Coaching U-4, U-6 and U-8.

SoccerHelp will have about 2.3 million visitors and 20 million hits this year and as of September 20, 2007 had top 3 Google rankings for:

  • How to Coach Soccer (of 20 million sites)
  • Soccer Coaching (of 2 million sites)
  • Youth Soccer (of 9 million sites)
  • Soccer Drills (of 1.8 million sites)
  • Soccer Rules (of 9 million sites)
  • Youth Soccer Coaching (of 2.2 million sites)
  • This month we have received traffic from over 20,000 search strings.

We are open to the idea of only one official sponsor and NO other advertising. We will only affiliate with a sponsor whose products or services we can honestly recommend and whose attitude toward youth soccer is similar to ours -- that it should be fun. We prefer a sponsor who is familiar with SoccerHelp, the website and our philosophy.

We are willing to discuss ways to integrate our sponsor into SoccerHelp. Your exposure would include the main Home Page, SoccerHelp Premium, the Forum and possibly other sections. We think we offer a sponsor the best opportunity to reach entry level coaches, who have not yet formed brand loyalty.

The SoccerHelp system actually consists of over 100 websites, all under our ownership, that send traffic to In addition, we spend a large amount on pay per click advertising. 99% of the content is original and it is all copyrighted and under one ownership.

Please, serious inquiries only. If you contact us, please describe the products or services you would want to promote on SoccerHelp.

You can contact David at this link: Contact David at SoccerHelp to discuss Sponsorship.