Patch Award System for Baseball or Softball

Patch Award System for Baseball or Softball

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This one is for softball, but it can easily be adapted for baseball. Copy, paste and change it by copying photos of the patches from SoccerHelp.

Thanks to Marlena "Mo" Osteen of Barry Goldwater High School, Phoenix AZ for submitting this.

Being a champion means you have dedicated and focused.

All of your work towards accomplishing your goals.

Each Varsity Softball Player can earn patches for their outstanding accomplishments in practice or in games. Each patch has a different meaning and is meant to be an incentive for each player to strive to earn. There is no limit to the number of patches a player can earn so by the end of the season you could have quite a few. The only rule to earning patches is to demonstrate the proper skill, attitude, or team play. DO NOT ASK TO BE REWARDED WITH A PATCH. The coaches will award patches at the end of a practice or the day following a game.

Lightning Bolt Patch:
lightning bolt patch

  • Batting .300 or better in a game
  • Scoring 2 or more runners in a game (RBI's)
  • Hitting a homerun in a game

Shamrock Patch:

  • Diving catch
  • Double play
  • Outstanding game turning moment
  • Clutch hit

Defense Patch

  • Defensive player of the game
  • No team errors in a game

Victory Patch:

  • Team patch
  • Winning a game

Red Star Patch:

  • Pitcher/Catcher patch
  • 6 or more strikeouts in a game
  • Catchers throws out 2 baserunners

Metallic Gold Star Patch:

  • Demonstrating leadership skills on and off the field
  • Demonstrates Spirit and inspires the team to be spirited
  • Gives maximum effort in practice

Blue/Yellow Ball Patch:

  • Bruiser patch
  • Aggressive Play (base running , sliding, diving, getting dirty)
  • 2 or more stolen bases in a game

Green/Yellow Ball Patch:

  • Completing a game without making an out (on base)

Bulldog Patch:

  • Attending all practices and games in a month

  • All A's and/or B's on report card

  • Communication patch

  • 2 or more sacrifices in a game