Testimonials from U-4 Coaches about SoccerHelp.com
(These letters were posted on the SoccerHelp Forum)

Testimonials for Coach Doug's DVD and Site

I NEVER played soccer before. My daughter's team needed a coach and no one stepped forward. The team was going to be canceled - that's how it started for me.

I now coach two teams each season and 'learned' how to coach all on SoccerHelp. PLAY THE GAMES and read the helps. You will be amazed. I use the patches, too. I love the current suggestions found on the website, but previously I had used them only for assists.

The results were amazing. I had 8 kids on the team and we played 4v4. By the third game in the season, we had 100% of the kids scoring a goal in just about every game because our more skilled players WANTED a patch, so they set up the less aggressive players. Once those less aggressive players got the taste of scoring and having the crowd cheer for them, well, let's just say it was exciting!

My parents loved our league games because all their kids scored (we were VERY liberal on determining who had assists so that all the kids had multiple patches before the end of the season). To see 3 year olds passing and assisting astounded me, too - I never would have thought it possible.

This is compared to our competitors who had one or two skilled kids score all their goals. Even at that, with the SoccerHelp system, we generally outscored the other teams 3 or 4 goals to every one they made. We often scored 18 or more goals in a game. Several of the other teams had kids cry or walk off the field because they were 'too tired', or some would simply play with the grass. NOT the SoccerHelp kids. We had a blast!

You have no idea how much my 3.5-4 year old all girls Team has improved!!!

In fact, I had a Dad come up to me after the game on Sat 03-17-07. he had not been to a game since the 1st game and here we are at game 5. He advised he cannot believe how much of a progression all the girls have shown.

Yes, my girls started out very slow, lost, non-aggressive etc. Granted in our league we do not keep score, but we probably lost our 1st game by 20 goals.

Since that time, if we were keeping score, we have not lost a game. AND, each week a new girl scores a goal!!!! ...amazing.

I owe all of this to SoccerHelp. The practice games are AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE!! MY Girls are so engaged, and I have parents tell me that their girls cannot wait to go to practice.

I end every Practice with MONSTER INVASTION!!! And it is so effective for getting them to come back.....!!!

I can go on and on about the success stories. But I will leave you with one - my own Daughters. Last Year my daughter played soccer as a almost 3 Year old. The coaches did nothing but throw the ball out there and let them run around. They did not engage that much at all. My daughter was so disinterested that, on game day, she did not even want to get into the game and play. She even got to the point where she did not want to go to practice. It was a grind. For games and practice, She would stay on the side and dig in the dirt and pick flowers.

THIS YEAR - I said I am going to coach and use the SoccerHelp methods - WOW...WHAT A DIFFERENCE. My daughter is now one of the better players on the team, has scored goals and dribbles the ball down the field with both feet w/o looking down!! WOW...I AM SHOCKED!!!

Anyway...A success STORY!!! I am behind this website 100%!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

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