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U14 Desert Shock Volleyball

Patches can be earned at practice and tournaments.

VOICES - Awarded for being vocal. Lots of talking = bench cheering, calling your balls AND teammates, calling balls in or out, telling hitter where to hit, encouraging talk (nice hit, great pass, awesome serve), "cover", calling for sets, calling out blockers, calling out opponents setter, "free", etc etc!
GOLD STAR - Awarded for an exceptionally good practice, being a leader, serves, accurately serving areas, team work, smart hitting, kills, positive court talk, taking free balls with hands, free ball passes right to the target, practice or tournament MVP (or MVP's), coaches choice, 90% tournament serving, top 2 for ace serves, team vote, skill improvement.
HUSTLE BADGE - Awarded for going after every ball, following balls to the line, going to the floor, not quitting on a shanked ball.
DEFENSE BADGE: - Awarded for great digs, saves, floor burns, rolls, diving, sprawling, aggressive net work (blocks & touches).

NOTE: The B for Bravery patch is great for brave acts such as floor burns, diving, aggressive net work.

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