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Where to Put Patches

The best place to put patches is on the player's jerseys or shorts. But if that isn�t allowed, there are good options such as bags, caps, on a team banner near each player's name, or on a team "sandwich board" at practices so all the players can see their progress. Another idea is to let the player's put them on a special Practice Jersey (this could be a T-Shirt) that is worn to practice, to the season end party, and that player's can wear during warm-ups if they can change before the game. Players could even wear this casually for fun. To be effective as a motivational tool, it is best if the players can see them at practice, games or both. Also, make a big deal of giving them out. You can give them as an immediate reward, or in a ceremony at the end of practice or at the end of the game where all the players see who is getting them and why... I found this to be an excellent motivational technique.

Please send us your ideas for how to use patches and where to put patches, and if they are new and we like them, we will send you 90 free patches.