Drills for Soccer

"No Lines" Drills for Soccer Practice that Train Players Faster

Drills for soccer should result in players improving fast and should prepare players for real soccer matches. Our No Lines Soccer drills train players FASTER and prepare players BETTER because players get 2 or 3 times more touches on the ball per practice in game-like conditions. We invented our exclusive soccer drills to train players faster and better in less time. You can read over 300 Testimonials and Success Stories from Coaches who have gotten amazing results using our soccer drills. The reason we have so many Testimonials is because our training program really works.

Most of our soccer drills have NO LINES. It was hard to develop those drills to teach players real skills. That is why our soccer drills are copyrighted - we didn't just steal them from another website. If you see our drills like Dribble Across A Square™ and Hit The Coach™ somewhere else, please let us know because other websites can legally only post our drills with our permission.

Our drills for soccer are designed so:

  1. No Lines - 90% of our soccer drills have no lines.
  2. A High Ball Ratio of 50% to 100% - That means a ball for every player (a 100% ball ratio) or with soccer drills like Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race ™ a ball for every other player (a 50% ball ratio), but every player is actively involved and learning to play soccer.
  3. Keeping Score Creates Competition, Which Creates Pressure, Which Causes Players to Practice as Fast as Possible and is More Fun Too - Most of our soccer drills are games that keep score. Keeping score is important because it creates COMPETITION, which creates pressure to perform a task as fast as possible. That trains players to play fast while under pressure, just like they must be able to do in real soccer matches. Soccer line drills don't have pressure and they can actually train players to play at an average speed without pressure instead of fast. It is VERY different to perform a skill without pressure than it is while under pressure. Try it yourself. For example, I can do some great soccer moves without pressure, but I can't do them successfully while under pressure.
  4. Our Soccer Drills are More Fun - Fun is important BUT our drills for soccer ALSO teach real skills. We don't use dumb games like Crab Soccer that have kids crawling on the ground and we don't have kids dribbling through a bunch of cones. Kids don't crawl on the ground or dribble around cones in real soccer matches. Every kid likes to keep score and that is one reason our drills are more fun.
  5. No Elimination Drills - Our soccer drills NEVER eliminate kids. Kids need to be practicing, not watching.

We use 12 Standards to develop our exclusive drills for soccer. You can read about them in an article that was in the Soccer Journal read about the 12 Standards we use in an article that was in the Soccer Journal.

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