Ideas for End-of-Season Soccer Awards

Alternatives to Soccer Trophies
Soccer certificates, trading cards and pennants
Idea for putting soccer patches on pennants (this would work for baseball too)
50 different awards you can choose from
Most Improved Awards
Awards for doing the Best or the Most
Awards for Attitude, Effort, Character or Leadership
Awards for Attendance and for Parents, Coaches and Sponsors
Awards for Soccer, Baseball and All Sports

Hi SoccerHelp,

Last season we did pennants and put the patches on them. The kids really loved the pennants because the patches showed all of their hard work. You can buy the pennants pre-cut at Hobby Lobby if you have one local.

I've been coaching youth soccer and basketball for years now and at the end of season party I say a few words about the player before handing them the trophy. I have had some players multiple years and am running out of things to say. Any ideas?


Coach C.H.


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Hi Coach C.H.,

Thanks for being our customer. Some coaches use patches instead of trophies. Most of the time the patches are ironed on a jersey or practice shirt so everyone can see the patches the players have earned, but if that isn't possible the pennant idea is great.

If you want to give out certificates, there is a link to free certificates that you can personalize for each player at Certificate Award Ideas on SoccerHelp.

Here are some of the Awards you can give:

"Most Improved Awards"

Most Improved Offensive Player Award
Most Improved Defender Award
Most Improved Passing Award
Most Improved Player Award
Defensive Improvement Award
Most Improved Dribbling Award
Most Improved Throw Ins Award
Most Improved Goal Keeper Award
Most Improved Midfielder Award
Most Improved Forward Award

"Awards for doing the Best or the Most"

Most Assists Award
Best Assist Award
Best Defense Against Corner Kicks Award
Best Defense Against Goal Kicks Award
Best Passing Award
Best Throw Ins Award
Best Defender Against Throw Ins
Best Long Shot Award
Toughest Defender Award
Bravest Defender Award
Best Goalie Award
Best Goal Kick Award
Best Dribbling Award
Most Incredible Shot Award
Most Dependable Player Award
Best Teamwork Award
Rock Solid Defense Award
Best Ball Control Award
Best Practicer Award
Most Versatile Player Award

"Awards for Attitude, Effort, Character or Leadership"

Several Players could win some of the following awards:

Hustle Award
Good Sport Award
Winning Spirit Award
Most Fun Player Award
Best Effort Award
Leadership Award (you hope several will win this)
Team Spirit Award
Most Energetic Player Award
Best Listener Award
Role Model Award
Best Teammate Award
Communicator Award (for players who talk to teammates during games; "Man On", "Keeper", "Time", etc. See "Verbal Signals" in the Dictionary)
Love of the Game Award
110% Award

"Awards for Attendance and for Parents, Coaches and Sponsors"

"Awards for Attendance and for Parents, Coaches and Sponsors"
Best Practice Attendance Award
Game Attendance Award
Team Manager Award
Assistant Coach Award
Telephone Champion Award
Best Team Supporter Award
Best Cheerer Award
Refreshments Leadership Award
Most Valuable Supporter Award
Couldn't Have Done It Without You Award
Most Valuable Sponsor Award

I hope this helps.

David at SoccerHelp

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