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Anson Dorrance is possibly the greatest college soccer coach ever and one of the most successful coaches in any sport

How Anson Dorrance influenced my approach to soccer training

Anson Dorrance is possibly the greatest college soccer coach ever and one of the most successful coaches in any sport. Anson Dorrance started the University of North Carolina Women's Soccer Program in 1979 and as of 2009 his teams had won 20 of the 28 NCAA Women's Soccer Championships. His record as of the 2009 season is 673-33-21 (.940 winning percentage). Coach Dorrance coached the gold-medal winning U.S. Women's World Cup Team in 1991 and has had over 60 All-Americans. The players he has coached include Mia Hamm, April Heinrichs, Kristine Lilly, Cindy Parlow and Lorrie Fair. Anson Dorrance is brilliant and a great teacher. The NCAA has recognized Anson Dorrance as the Women's Soccer Coach of the Year seven times and as the Men's Soccer Coach of the Year in 1987. On March 10, 2008 Anson Dorrance was elected to the National Soccer Hall of Fame. Coach Dorrance is interested in youth soccer and organized youth soccer leagues in both Connecticut and North Carolina. Part of my motivation for developing the SoccerHelp Practice Games training method was Coach Dorrance's belief that competition is the key to developing good soccer players.

Below are 5 of my favorite Anson Dorrance quotes:

"Competition is key to developing players. The only practice environment in which you truly develop a player is a competitive arena." Anson Dorrance

"The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat at the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching." Anson Dorrance

"Usually a championship team is built on a strong defense. That is something you can bring to every game. A great attack is always going to be inconsistent - at least on the scoreboard - that's the nature of the game." Anson Dorrance in "The Vision of a Champion"

"You can never be fit enough for this game." Anson Dorrance in "The Vision of a Champion"

"One of the most unfortunate things I see when identifying youth players is the girl who is told over the years how great she is. By the time she's a high school freshman, she starts to believe it. By her senior year, she's fizzled out. Then there's her counterpart: the girl waiting in the wings who quietly and with determination decides she's going to make something of herself. Invariably, this humble, hardworking girl is the one who becomes the real player." Anson Dorrance in "The Vision of a Champion"

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