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Hi SoccerHelp,

My daughter has accepted a spot on a U11 premier team. Her last team had a parent volunteer coach. Her natural ability is strong, but I would like to work and play with her over the summer. Does SoccerHelp Premium have games the 2 of us can do?

U11 Parent


Hi U11 Parent,

Thanks for writing.

I think you would get more than your money's worth from Premium... there is a ton of info there, over 1,500 pages. It has a 30 day guarantee, so if you don't think it's worth it, just send us an email within 10 days and we will refund your credit card, no questions and no hassles. There are only a few games for 2 (such as "Win the 50/50 Ball or Be the First Defender, 1v1 Attacking and Defending" and "Volleying Pairs") and you could also play Dribble Around Cone & Pass Relay Race, but there are lots of games of 4 or more, so if you could get another Dad and his daugher, or 2 other players so you could have Summer Practice Sessions. I'll bet there are other girls who would like to practice with you if you play the Games. The girls will improve by playing the games -- that's all you need to do. The key is that the Games force them to practice under pressure at "game speed" (fast, not slow) -- so they are learning to play fast and under pressure. If you get 4, play "Dribble Across a Square" as a warm-up ... trust me, it really helps improve field awareness, peripheral vision, instinctive reations and much more. You will see a noticable difference after 3 practices in how well they can dribble thru traffic, turn and control the ball.

There are coupons on Premium for 10% off DVDs and patches.

We sell 3 DVDs that you should consider and there are video clips from all 3 on SoccerHelp. I highly recommend all 3 of these and they are among our Best Sellers:

  1. Anson Dorrance & Tom Stone Soccer Clinic DVD Anson Dorrance is the most successful women's coach ever and Tom Stone won 7 youth national championships. This DVD uses the best instructional method I've ever seen and covers 30 Topics including Receiving (First Touch Control, First Touch Away From Pressure, First Touch for Service), Passing (Accuracy, Weight of the pass, Serving for Distance), Dribbling (Dribbling for Speed, Dribbling for Penetration, Dribbling for Possession), Heading (Heading Basics, Heading on Attack, Defensive Heading), Shooting (Power and It's Use, Surface Choice, Finishing the Breakaway), Offensive Games and Drills, Individual Defending Technique (Closing the Distance, Stance and Balance, Patience, Confrontation and Winning the Ball), 5 Defensive Fundamentals (Denial, Challenge, Deny the Turn, Delay and Wait for Support, and Tackling), Team Defense Overview (Pressure, cover, balance; Pressure, cover defensive triangle; Pushing the attacking player into cover), and Defensive Exercises.

  2. Soccer Success One On One Coaching (Basic and Intermediate Skills) DVD This DVD shows Roger Wilkinson, who was the New Zealand Director of Coaching, teaching soccer skills to his son (who is about age 11). It explains what he's teaching, why he's teaching it and how to teach it. This is much better than going to a coaching clinic. Every Beginning and Intermediate Coach or Travel Coach Should Own This. It is also excellent for players to watch. This DVD shows how to teach the basic skills of passing, receiving, dribbling, speed dribbling, shooting, finishing, how to pass in the air, soccer moves to beat an opponent (8 moves are demonstrated), how to turn with the ball (5 turns are demonstrated), feinting, volleying, thigh and chest control, juggling, and heading, as well as vision, body shape, and receiving and turning when a defender is on your back. It explains and demonstrates these skills in a clear, concise way that anyone can understand. This is the best DVD I've ever seen for teaching basic soccer skills to players.

  3. Training Girls and Women To Win 3-DVD Set There is over 3 hours of great soccer training on these DVDs, including Skills, Footwork/Dribbling, Attacking, Defending, Girls Soccer Training, Fitness, Motivation, Speed and Quickness Training, Tactics, Drills and Practice Games, Aggressive Play. These were originally $100 and are a great bargain at $44.95. April Heinrichs is one of the best women's players to ever play and also one of the best coaches. She was Soccer America's "Player of the Decade" for the 1980's, a 3 time All American under Anson Dorrance, the first female player voted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame and Head Coach of the U.S. Women's National Team. She's a fantastic coach and motivator.

I know these DVDs can help you.

David at SoccerHelp

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