How to Motivate Players to Play a Soccer Position They Do Not Like
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Hi SoccerHelp,

We only have two kids who can play goalie well, and one of them does not want to play goalie... so her mom says. Any suggestions for encouraging her to play some goalie on a consistent basis?




Hi Ted,

My best idea is to make it a "Big Deal Good Thing". One way to do this is to have the entire team thank the Goalies after each match (thank all the players who played Goalie) in front of parents. It is nice if you lead an applause for them and for you to brag on their efforts in front of all the players and parents.

Another idea that will encourage them to want to play Goalie is to buy a cool iron-on patch that is only for the players who play Goalie. Choose a color or use the Lightning Bolt, the Shamrock or a Star color. Let the Goalies decide which patch they want to be the "Goalie patch".

I used this approach and it worked.

David at SoccerHelp