11 New Soccer Video Clips from Soccer Coaching DVDs
Best DVD For Teaching Basic and Intermediate Soccer Skills
"Combat" Soccer Practice Game - excellent for improving aggressiveness and Strength on the Ball, it's also a Good Soccer Fitness Exercise
Goal Setting
Links to 31 Soccer Coaching Video Clips

We have added 11 more Soccer Coaching Video Clips from 3 DVDs - that's a total of 31 Video Clips from 8 soccer coaching DVDs.

Here are links to each of the new DVDs. I think we now have the best soccer coaching video clips on the internet. I have personally selected each Video Clip and you can learn a lot by watching them.

We've added a Navigation Page, prices and a "Buy" link so it is more convenient (thanks for the suggestions about this from several customers).

Below are links to the new Video Clips. These links will work for everyone - you don't have to be a Premium Member. I especially like the Clip that explains how David Beckham sets up a soccer Free Kick, the "Combat" Game that teaches soccer players how to be tough, physical, Strength on the Ball and is also a good workout, and Goal Setting by April Heinrichs:

Receiving and Controlling the Ball Soccer Video Clip

Turning With the Ball Soccer Video Clip

Shooting and Finishing Soccer Video Clip

One Touch Passing Soccer Video Clip

Forward Runs in Front of the Ball Soccer Video Clip

Free Kicks (David Beckham and Alan Shearer)

"Combat" Game, an excellent game to teach Aggressiveness and Strength on the Ball, also Fitness Training, Soccer Video Clip

2 v 1 Attacking, Demonstrations of a Takeover, an Overlap and a Wall Pass, Soccer Video Clip

3 v3 Attacking, Penetration, Width, Support, Stretching the Defense

1 v 1 Defending, How to Pressure, Control, Dictate and Tackle Soccer Video Clip

April Heinrichs on Goal Setting - This is Outstanding