Running up the score can be bad for your players
Ideas for how to help your players improve when you are playing a weak team

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Coach Felony and Coach Donna both move their Forwards to Fullback when they get a good lead. There are several good reasons to do this: 2 are sportsmanship and that it lets the parents of the kids playing certain positions see why they are playing there (that they can't be successful at some positions). Another good reason is that easy goals are BAD for your Forwards because it teaches them that they can play slow and sloppy and still score. This is discussed below:

There are 2 other practical reasons to not run up the score and to put your skilled players at Fullback when you get a big lead:

  1. It helps your skilled players by giving them an appreciation for what Fullbacks do AND by giving them some defensive experience
  2. If it's too easy for your Forwards to score (as it might be against a really weak demoralized team), that can be BAD because the Forwards can get cocky and sloppy (they can play slow and goof around). Then when they play against really good Fullbacks they aren't prepared. I've seen this happen at all levels. That's why college teams often lose the next game after they blow a team out -- they get cocky and sloppy. Try to avoid letting your Forwards get cocky and sloppy by adding conditions that keep it challenging for them -- try to MAKE them have to play fast and tough.

Coach Felony had a great idea for this: Challenge a Forward by telling them that they are going to be the ONLY Fullback:

"You're going to be the ONLY Fullback -- see if you can keep them from scoring". That makes it fun and challenging, and the Forward should improve her defensive skills.

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