6v6 Soccer Formations
2-2-1 vs. 2-1-2 Soccer Formation
Where to play strong and weak players in a 2-2-1
Team is undefeated since switching
Limiting goals given up on breakaways

"We have been playing 6v6 for some time now. For the past 4 seasons we played a 2-1-2 style. That was good but we had problems with giving up break away goals.

This season we switched to a 2-2-1 keeping our forward way up at all times. We have not been beaten. And with improved passing we have scored better than I thought we would at the start of the season. We have out scored our opponents 19-5 after 7 games. Two games to go and I feel very confident.

I have 13 players. 6 outstanding, 3 developing, and 4 weaker. We usually will have 2 of the weaker players with 1 of the developing players out on the field in every rotation. This leaves me with a strong goalie and 2 strong players on each rotation. We don't score as much as we could with this style but we rarely get scored on."

Coach J.