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Hi SoccerHelp,

Thank you so much for your site. There is so much out there on the internet but you guys are very informative and you keep it simple. I have been reading the testimonials and your input on 11 v 11. Currently I am coaching a select team but since we are in remote area we do not have many girls to select from. I am coach that believes in developing the players we have and giving back to the community. We are using the 3-2-3-2 and we have played 2 games so far. The first one we won and the second we were first to score and held them 1 - 0 until half way the second half. The girls just tired out and got beat 1 - 3. I need recommendations on placement of players so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Currently we have 17 girls on the team. Here is an overview of the players:

If you could recommend where to play the players would be great.

Brian, Premium Member


Hi Brian,

Thanks for being a Premium Member.

First, it sounds like your formation is working well for you.

The main factors to consider are:

  1. Bravery
  2. Speed/Hustle
  3. Skill
  4. Experienced and success in a particular position (example: has she been a successful scorer or a good Goalie)

I didn't know the speed of your players and how tough and aggressive they are (what I call "brave"), so you need to adjust the Group they are in below based on that.

Start by separating them into Groups according to whether they are Brave or Timid, then Speed and Hustle, Then Skill (Skill can't overcome being timid or not hustling):

1. Best (Can play any where -- brave, good speed, hustle and skill):

--- Player 4 same as # 3 but has better ball handling skills and can score, experienced defense player, can be intimidating.

--- Player 5 knows the game better than the others, excellent ball skills, hustles, not scared of the ball or other players.

--- Player 15 fastest player, aggressive, not afraid of ball or other players, great defensive, lefty.

--- Player 12 fast, has ball skills, intimidating, not afraid, but can be off, # 1-2 keeper.

--- Player 10 close to the same as Player 5 but not as aggressive, # 3 keeper.

--- Player 13 is fast, good ball skills, needs to improve on kicks.

2. Brave, good athlete, speed, and hustles, but not great skill (this type of player is great for Stopper as long as you tell them to kick the ball forward and don't try to teach them to make passes until they develop the skill to do so):

--- Player 3 not scared of the ball, is tough, hustles, has a big kick. (Speed?)

--- Player 6 lacks experience, beginning player, but is aggressive. (Speed?)

3. Brave, hustles, average speed and has skill (this type of player can play about anywhere except Stopper or Sweeper -- can make a good Forward, MF or FB):

--- Player 8 lacks speed, but has ball skills, can be intimidated.

--- Player 11 aggressive, needs to improve on speed, good scorer, # 1-2 keeper, not afraid, can be intimidating.

The rest of this article, including the other groups and "Guidelines for which positions various types of players can best play" is on Premium.

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