2 Great Soccer Corner Kick Tactics

Soccer Corner Kick Tactic No. 1 - In Rec soccer, a line drive is better. One of the most common mistakes recreational coaches make is to try to teach their teams tactics that they cannot execute. Take for example the Corner Kick. A high ball into the Goal Box can be headed out by a defender more easily than headed into goal by your own team. I have had more success with a line drive ball at waist height. This way the ball gets onto the foot of an attacker after bouncing off several other players. It's not pretty, but it's more effective. I, also, used to position a player about 30 yards straight out from the Near Post to control the weak clearance.

Soccer Corner Kick Tactic No. 2 - Pull the Defenders away from the Goal front and rush the Goal front. (This is a good tip for Rec, Travel or High School). Here's another tip that I picked up from an opposing team. They would set up six or seven players at the top of the Goal Box on the Far Post side of the field. The entire Goal front was clear of their players. Naturally, my players lined up with them, man-to-man. When the Corner Kick was in the air, their players would charge the ball, my players would lose man-to-man coverage, and I would be horrified. If they had been better able to handle a high ball into the Goal Box, the results would have been devastating.

Hope these help.

Coach Rich, Premium Member