Soccer Evaluation Form to Evaluate Soccer Players

Hi SoccerHelp,

My league's season ends this Saturday and I'm trying to implement some end of season administrative tasks. I'd like to:

1) Have each coach 'rate' each player on his or her team. I'm thinking of the options 1) Game changer 2) Above average 3) Average 4) Below Average 5) More of a help to the other team. I'd use this when putting together teams for the fall season.

Anyone ever tried this? Holding tryouts, or rating sessions is a no-go as no one will step up to do this and my plate is too full.

2) Have each parent fill out a satisfaction survey. I want to find out what the parents like/don't like, etc. I'm just hesitant because I don't want to have it turn into a 'I HATEZ MY KEEDZ COACH' from all the losing team's parents.

Anyone have any insight, suggestions or anything else?


Coach S


Hi Coach S,

I suggest you ask a few more questions to get some specifics about the players. Here are some ideas for you to play with that might help you balance the teams:

  1. Speed (circle one) -- very fast... fast... average, slow

  2. Aggressiveness/Bravery -- tough and aggressive... average... timid and afraid of contact

  3. Attitude and Attendance -- Great attitude and comes to 90% of practices and games... average... bad attitude or rarely shows up

  4. Skills -- Excellent... Average... Weak

  5. Best position -- This player is best at: Goalie... Defense... Midfield... Forward

  6. Can this player score? (circle one) Great scorer... Good scorer... Maybe... No

  7. Can this player play Goalie? (circle one) Great Goalie... Good Goalie...Average Goalie... Not a Goalie

As for the coaches evaluation form, I think it's a good idea for 2 reasons

  1. It will let coaches know they need to be nice and a good coach

  2. If you ask some questions on it, it will give you an idea of what a coach is doing and if you have any problem coaches, or problems in general. Here are some ideas:
    1. Did the Coach come to Practice?

    2. If practice was cancelled, were you notified?

    3. Was the Coach nice to the players?

    4. Did your child learn much about soccer?

    5. Was the Coach a good sport?

    6. Was the Coach a good role model?

    7. Would you recommend this coach to other parents? Why, or why not?

These are just ideas, and I'm not saying they are good ones. I hope others will chime in.

Please let us know what you do. I think this type of info can be vey useful.

David at SoccerHelp