Success story due to being able to play soccer fast and under pressure
How playing soccer practice games that involve pressure and chaos gave a team the confidence to win their tournament

Hi SoccerHelp,

Thanks again for a great website! The main thing I saw in my girls was a huge increase in their confidence while playing. Some of that was better skills, but more important was being used to playing under pressure and in chaotic conditions due to your soccer practice games. I'm ordering the "V" patches for my girl's U-12 team to remember their 1st Place Victory in the end of year tournament!

Philip, U12 soccer coach, WA, Premium Member


Hi Philip,

Thanks for writing. I really enjoy letters like yours - they let me know the late nights are worth it.

Your observations confirm what I have thought - that having the confidence to play under pressure and in Chaotic Conditions is very important. The point of practice is to prepare your players for real matches. Real matches are fast, under pressure and chaotic. If you practice that way, your players will be more confident about playing that way. By playing fast, in chaotic conditions, under pressure, the game will start to "slow down" for your players. Two soccer practice games in particular are "chaotic": Dribble Across a Square and 2 Team Keepaway.

Congratulations on winning the Tournament. The V Patches will be a good reward to your girls and a memento of their Victory.

I'm fortunate to be able to get feedback from coaches like you about what works and what doesn't.

Thanks for being our customer.

David at SoccerHelp