How to Motivate Hustle and Bravery
Letter from a soccer Coach whose team won 2-1 against a more skilled team
How He Motivated ALL of His Players

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Have you tried our iron on soccer patches to motivate bravery and hustle? I've pasted below a letter that was posted in the Premium Forum by Coach Al, who is a really great soccer coach. Motivation is critical and can make a HUGE difference.

"We lost our prior game 6-2. This game, I told the girls that if they HUSTLED and played BRAVELY that they could have a Gold Star Patch. This was my first time using the patches and I wasn't sure if they'd go for it. The girls thought it was pretty cool. A girl that is injured was at the game and even said, "I want a gold star!" Anyhow, the effect of practices and the pep talk and the gold stars was amazing! The girls were night and day different on the field. The parents noticed it, too, and my wife told me all the comments after the game. One parent remarked to me during halftime, "They are completely different this week. It's night and day. What did you do this week?" The defense was hustling and fighting for the ball every time it was in our defensive half. EVERY girl was hustling and getting after the ball, every girl. My brand new, never played soccer before two weeks ago girl... was trying to win balls! The score was 2 - 1 in our favor at the end of the game and we were outmatched in the talent and skills department by the other team. If the girls give me that effort week after week, I'll accept a win, lose, or draw... because I will know the girls gave everything they had to give."

Coach Al, U11, Premium Member