Latest World Cup Predictions
Spain Favored to Win
Then Brazil, Argentina, England, Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Ivory Coast

Note From David. Below is a list the teams the experts predict have the best chance of winning the 2010 World Cup, and the teams that are the long shots.

In the last newsletter I quoted some odds that were out of date. I'm not encouraging gambling - I don't gamble - but the odds makers often have insight as to which teams are the favorites and which are long shots. Below are the odds as of June 3, 2010. It will be fun to see how right this is and it gives you an idea of who are the favorites and who are the underdogs. The USA has respectable odds and is tied with Uruguay and Paraguay as the number 13 favorite.

Note that Portugal, Ivory Coast, Serbia and Chile appear to be good enough to have a chance against some of the better teams.

In the next newsletter I will discuss some of the top players to watch and include links to video clips of them.

Spain 7/2
Brazil 9/2
Argentina 6/1
England 7/1
Holland 11/1
Germany 14/1
Italy 16/1
France 20/1
Portugal 25/1
Ivory Coast (C�te d'Ivoire) 33/1
Serbia 50/1
Chile 50/1
USA 66/1
Uruguay 66/1
Paraguay 66/1
Cameroon 80/1
Ghana 80/1
South Africa 80/1
Mexico 80/1
Nigeria 100/1
Denmark 100/1
Korea Republic (South Korea) 125/1
Australia 150/1
Greece 200/1
Switzerland 200/1
Japan 250/1
Slovakia 250/1
Slovenia 250/1
Honduras 500/1
Algeria 500/1
Korea DPR (North Korea) 1000/1
New Zealand 2000/1