November 24, 2010

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Note From David. Coach Doug is living in Belgium now, but he and I stay in touch. He is coaching U10 and U6. Below is a letter Doug wrote about the advantages of a Long Throw In, how to teach it and how to use it to your advantage. I used the same tactic when I coached. This tactic can be worth several goals per game because it helps you control the flow of the game, creates opportunities for your team to score, and reduces the chances of your opponent scoring quick goals on your throw ins.

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Advantages of a Long Soccer Throw In
How to Teach a Long Throw-In
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A Tactic to Help You Control the Flow of the Game that Can Be Worth Several Goals
Have a defender or midfielder take your throw-ins and soccer corner kicks

(Following is a letter from Coach Doug and my reply)

I taught my 9 year old athlete how to do a running toe drag soccer throw in. I taught him this about half way through the season, and wow what a tremendous difference that made in our entire style of play. He would run and throw it long and high about 20 meters or so, correctly dragging his back toe along the grass to keep it legal.

I also taught the team that the soccer throw ins are never throw to a person, they are always thrown big and long down the sidelines to space, so be ready to run, this was a big game changer for us, because every time the ball went out of bounds we advanced a huge distance on the throws in and created many scoring chances.

Eventually the other teams just backed up about a quarter of the field, but still we were making big gains on the throw ins.

He could also throw in from the sideline to the goal mouth when the throw ins were far forward in the attacking third.

I strongly recommend this at U10, if a coach has a tall, lanky, athletic kid. Don't teach it to the entire team, just teach it to that one kid and have him do it. He played mostly defense, but he would run forward to take all throw ins and all corner kicks, then run back to the defense.

Coach Doug

(How to teach a big throw-in (an Advanced Throw-in, and a Simple Throw-In is at


Hi Doug,

I think that is great advice. I had the same experience and also had a defender or a midfielder take the throw-ins and corner kicks. Backing up the opponent will keep them from launching a fast counterattack on one of your throw-ins, so even if you aren't able to fastbreak on your throw in, a big throw-in still helps you.


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